Thursday, 21 August 2014

Autumn Lust

Autumn Lust
Yep thats right, an Autumn lust post already. We've barely made it out of my favourite month (my birthday month if curious at all) and i'm already thinking about purchasing some winter warmers for little Noah. Because Noah was a July baby and we shockingly actually had a decent-ish summer he spent most of his days in vests i'm quite excited to get some 'proper' little boy clothes on him. Heres a snapshot of some pieces that i will definitely be purchasing from Mamas and Papas... Aaah cute little duck jumper.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Mummy must haves

Below I've compiled a few of my mummy must haves. I know that everyones different but these are just a few of the things that i have found to be saviours after becoming a new mum again.
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1. Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine: An item that seems to be on every mothers essentials list for formula fed babies. I was a bit dubious at first i thought how hard could it be to make up a bottle on the go.. well very is the answer! Safety regulations have changed so much since i had my daughter, guidelines are to make each individual bottle as needed. Gone are the (very convenient) days of  making up a few and sticking them in the fridge and warming them up as baby demanded! The Perfect Prep Machine makes up a bottle at body temperature under 2 minutes. it's especially amazing for night feeds, so much so that we've moved it to the bedroom, no more falling down stairs half asleep!

2. Muslin Squares: We've got tons as they come in handy for just about everything. The obvious purpose is for burping and wiping up little mishaps but they're also great as a light cover up in the summer, swaddling and for providing shade. i also like to lay them over Noah's changing mat so he's not startled by the cold plastic on his bottom... no one wants that having just woke up. my favourite brands have to be Aden and Anais, no surprise there then, since little royal George was spotted with them they've popped up on every savvy mums shoulder!, The Little White Company and Mark and Spencers.

3. Swing/ Bouncer (in our case both): Initially we started of with the Mothercare Bright Stripes Bouncer which is great, its cheap and cheerful and lightweight enough to take wherever needed so Noah can sit quite safely in different rooms. We were since gifted the Mamas and Papas Starlite Swing and MP3 Player. Noah wasn't a big fan of this at first which i was disappointed about. It has the softest cushioned seat i have felt on a swing so was really surprised that he didn't take to it straight away, but now he's a little older it works wonders for soothing him and helping him to nod off. I have to admit I've not yet used the MP3 feature but again as Noah gets a little older i think it will be a great feature to have.

4. V Shaped pillow: The Kit for Kids By Carla Support Pillow was originally bought for me to help me sleep when my bump got bigger, i loved it and used it every night, i even took it to the hospital with me but as with most things Noah has totally claimed it. It's great for propping him up and also helping me support him when I'm feeding an added bonus is that it comes with an all white cover too so when one is in the wash you just swap them over.

5. Sling/Wrap: I didn't think i would ever be the owner of a sling but in fact I'm the owner of two, yes they're exactly the same but I'm a girl so colour choice was a given! i bought my Liberty Sling via eBay and they've been a little godsend. they allow me to have Noah close-by and safe whilst being hands free meaning i can get stuff done.

6. Babymoov Cosysleep: The Babymoov CosySleep has been in use since day one. The CosySleep is a sleep positioner made of memory foam meaning it adapts to your babys body and helps keep them content and feel secure. The built in head positioner is supposed to prevent flat head syndrome but i bought it for the leg support which bumps up the bum a little and helps with colic and wind helping (us all!) Noah get a better nights sleep. When its not being used in his moses basket i pop it in his carrycot, i was always a little worried about having Noah in the carrycot without any support around him thinking he could slip down or be 'jiggled' about and this prevents any of that happening.
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