Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Sickly Sweet

If you follow me on instagram you will have more than likely seen these pictures already, I'm verging on obsessed with that App! However, if not these are just a couple of snippets from my Saturday OOTD.
I was only nipping out to grab some storage boxes (but decided to dress like a cutesy 5 year old?!) I'm currently tackling my floordrobe - have been for 3 days now.

Hope you all had a fab weekend lovelies.


  1. whats your insta name shexy? I add you up.

    You know the rose gold stuff you posted was any of it in my price range? :(

    I respond to your comment now babe xxxx

    1. It's nicole_leanne

      most of the stuff is pretty crazy priced :(
      Its more of a "I wish... and will continue to drool over" post.

      Seriously check out H&M's rose gold bits, they are gorge xxx

  2. First off... VERY jel of your thick hair!!

    My friend recommended to rollers to me hun and she has mega thick hair too, and they defs work on hers she uses all the time BUT she has to use her mums set as well as her own as there are not enough rollers for her hair so the only thing is you might find that aswell!?

    hope this helps.

    Scouswives are my idols haha!!


    1. Aah dont be its mentally curly and a redick length!

      Thanks :) i'll look into them! i swear you need to be gaining comission, i bought the uv lamp and bluesky gels, i need to pick them up from the postie though, i cant wait to have a play haha!

      I'd be so tempted to leave them in a'la scouswives stylee *guilty pleasure* xxxx

  3. Paha! Upstage bride... love you!

    Imagine? comisson- amazing haha. Need sort my blogger life out im sooo shat!

    Cant wait for you do a review on that hair shizzle though!

    Eckk! Im excited for your gel nails, wish you could practice on me!!
    Make sure you holla at me how you get on! xxxxx


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