Wednesday, 30 April 2014

33 Week update

How far along: 33 weeks 

Total weight gain: Still not weighed myself, i don't actually own a pair of scales which is a good thing as i think id be hopping on and off them daily!

Maternity clothes: I bought a pair of maternity leggings and a few basic long tops from H&M, i'm also doing a bit of thrifty eBay shopping and hoping to bag myself a bargain or two! I cant justify spending tons when i've only 7 weeks to go.

Stretch marks: Still none... fingers crossed it stays that way!

Sleep: I've had a bit of a rough week suffering with heart burn which is constantly waking me up and making me sick. Thursday night i was up from 11pm until 4am feeling nauseous, not nice at all. My new trick, sleeping vertically!

Best moment this week: Receiving the Jamoboree collection from Mamas and Papas, i couldn't wait for Liam to arrive home before i put it all up! his nursery is really coming together and i could spend hours just adoring it, i dread to think what i will be like when theres an actually teeny tiny bubba in there! I might do a little post on the collection and some of the stuff we got.

Movement: Bump feels a lot lower, i hope he's moved down and is either getting ready to or better yet is engaged!

Food cravings: Nothing really, if anything i've lost my appetite a bit, nothing seems to appeal to me.

Anything making you queasy or sick: I'm not that keen on the taste of meat unless its pretty much been cremated, gross i know.

Gender: Little boy.

Labour signs: I'm feeling a little heavier and a bit more pressure lower down but i think thats the norm, especially if he's finally turned head down.

Belly button in or out: Full on out!

Happy or Moody: Mainly happy although i'm getting really irritated with peoples "your bump is really big isnt it" comments. I'm sure they mean well but sometimes i wish they;d put a filter on it and think before speaking, after all i'm pregnant, hormonal and erratic ;)

Looking forward to: The midwife coming next Tuesday, i think we will be discussing my birth plan....argh! Im nervous but also excited as its all getting very very VERY close.

Bump: Oh heres my huge bump ;) 

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

32 Week update

How far along: 32 weeks

Total weight gain: I've had a massive growth spurt since coming into my third trimester but i haven't actually weighed myself. People keep commenting that I've gotten to big then making me not want to hit them by saying its all bump.

Maternity clothes: I feel like i live in my ASOS skinny jeans and leggings which is slightly annoying as its becoming warmer but maternity dresses make me look HUGE! I'm going to be doing a lunch time stop at H&M to pick up some more basics just in the bigger sizes as i feel its slightly inappropriate to be sporting my old ones that could pass as crop tops!

Stretch marks: I have some light existing ones from my first pregnancy but starting to see the appearance of a couple of new ones just around the belly button. this is the exact same area i struggled with last tine.

Sleep: I'm just about getting enough sleep, although i woke up at 4am with a mind full of stuff that i needed to do right then, the normal stuff like wash the cot bedding that's not even arrived yet! I'm making up for the lack of sleep with plenty of naps though.

Best moment this week: This will sound really pathetic but buying the cot bed mattress and some baby toys.. I seriously worry that we wont be ready in time for Baby N so whatever progress we make just makes me happy. Also, the nursery is coming together great, everything is up and painted and toys awaiting the little mans arrival.

Movement: We currently have a breech baby! At our checkup the midwife sounded surprised but not that concerned, she said we can worry about that at my next appointment which wont be until May but I've heard it gets more difficult for baby to turn, obviously as he's growing he's running out of chop chop baby get into position! I've also just bought a birthing ball, hopefully bouncing away on that will get bubba into position.

Food cravings: I must admit I've been pretty bad with the sweeties throughout my pregnancy, i just cant stop. I'm trying my hardest to avoid them but when the biscuit tin is offered to me there's no going back.

Anything making you queasy or sick: I'm not that keen on the taste of meat unless its pretty much been cremated, gross i know.

Gender: Little boy.

Labour signs: I thought i had a braxton hick but not entirely sure whether it was that or if id just overdone it. I've been part of the Babycentre community board for quite some time, first joined when i was pregnant with my daughter and have been seeing quite a few birth announcements, luckily all the impatient little June babies are doing great but its made me a little paranoid! The slightest twinge and I'm talking my other half through what he should do if today was the day! ha ha.

Belly button in or out: Full on out!

Happy or Moody: most of the time? I'm pretty happy although my temper is appalling i get wound up over the slightest little thing and unfortunately for my boyfriend its usually his fault oopsie.

Looking forward to: Him arriving, although i know i need to be patient until he's a little bigger

Bump: *Will insert cute looking bump shot soon! currently feeling too poop to snap a shot* (promise!)


Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Preggo Essentials: Third Trimester

Preggo Essentials

1. Raspberry Bloom Essentials Pregnancy Pillow
This has been a staple since day 1 really, i couldn't possibly get to sleep without it. I bought it after watching one of Hannah Maggs YouTube videos and even before i needed it to cram under the hefty bump to add some kind of support it had already replaced my pillows, i just found it to be so much more comfortable and obviously it has its uses more and more as you expand!

2. 100% Pure Coconut Oil
Even before being pregnant i've always had sensitive skin (oddly not on the face!) but i am a sucker for lotions and potions and believe me i've spent a fair penny on them for bump! To name but a few, Mamma Mio Stretch Mark Butter - Great, its absorbs quickly, looks to be actually doing something but i cannot for the life of me stand the smell! i tried to get over it considering the not so sweet price tag but the smell would constantly make me nauseous. Oh and the famous Bio-oil, id drowned my skin in this but my skin did not take too kindly to it...constant itching! it seemed the only way forward was au natural, 100% au natural in the form of coconut oil and its worked wonders for me. So far no stretch marks but i know this is technically just down to what you slap on the bump (good genetics and all that have there part to play and its usually just a couple of weeks before you drop that those suckers get ya! But anyway, coconut oil, it soothes any irritation i got from the stretching skin, absorbs pretty quickly and funnily enough had no scent, not even a coconut one. perfect.

3. Tums - Assorted Fruit Anti-acid Tablets
My third trimester brought with it the return of the heartburn! thanks for that...
I usually suffer with heartburn the most at night so its hands to have this little tub on my bedside table but its also small enough to chuck in my bag when heading off for work. I like me you cant stand the taste of 'chalky' anti-acid tablets definitely give these a try, not only do they work an extra bonus is they are fruit flavoured so quite tasty too (always thinking about the stomach!)

4. Origins Ginzing Eye Cream
Lets face it, i've not had a decent nights sleep in about oh errrr 30weeks? (if its not sickness its heartburn if not heartburn most likely backache, bumpache, legache, just aching in general).
This is a little pot of gold dust and with a good concealer is great at faking those wide awake peepers! Im a big fan of all the Ginzing line from Origins, so definitely worth checking out if you've never tried it before.

5. Newlook Bump Bands
Nothing fits? roll out the bump bands! Great for tops that are wide enough to house bump but not quite long enough and if like me you cant bare to part with your beloved skinnies (and the whole buttonhole/hairband trick no longer works) these are great at keeping them up and hiding the fact that your walking around with your jeans unbuttoned.

What are your preggo essentials?

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Mummy Lust: Marc By Marc Jacobs Pretty Nylon Eliz-A-Baby Diaper Bag

This may be a bit of a pointless post considering if i was tempted to buy the Marc By Marc Jacobs Pretty Nylon Eliz-A-Baby Diaper Bag im not entirely sure how i would go about it without paying the £40+ tax. But although it is a simple nylon *shivers at the thought* bag i keep finding myself obsessively pinning it onto my Preggo NEEDS board over on Pinterest and lusting over it on Bloomingdales and Nordstrom... It seems my lust worthy bag is only available to purchase in the states big boo! My other half may however see this as a blessing in disguise, at £180* its not the cheapest of bags but as the name suggests, its pretty darn well... pretty.

Friday, 4 April 2014

From Bblogger to...Pblogger?

So im back... and this time armed with a bump (and a big one at that!). Who knows how long for, but i thought it might be time to resurrect the little old blog, if not for others to read then for myself to look back on and well with my maternity leave just dangling a few weeks ahead of me (6 weeks and 6 days to be exact!) i thought, naively that i might have a bit of spare time on my hands where i could update you all.... or myself. I've started pretty late on into my pregnancy, I’m 29weeks and officially in my third trimester... Just 11 weeks to go! I thought id chuck in the odd bump photo, nursery ideas, cute baby clothes and possible review but we’ll see how it goes, after all I’m usually tucked up in bed by 9pm, don’t judge.
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