Wednesday, 21 September 2011

When is it verging on obsessed?

When is it verging on obsessed


Saturday i waved ta ta to my grubby old sticky keyed Blackberry and said Haaaiiii to my new found love.
Isn't she beautiful.

But back to business, now armed with a great (more portable than my Nikon) camera and the Blogger app I'll hopefully be able to do a lot more blogging on the go. So, idk, if you want to see anything give me a shout maybe? does this work in the blogging world or is it more of a vlogging thang? Ack, i'll give it a bash.

Also, if you know of any great Apps that i should not be without please leave a comment,
shes pretty bare atm.


Monday, 19 September 2011

No girlfriends they don't understand... And me, I ain't ever gonna understand

So, here's the pics of me wearing THE shirt dress, What do you think? i was right about the length, SHORT! but thankfully it had a lil tail thing (Yes i really did say tail thing!) to keep me from exposing the cheeks to the boys and girls, unlucky! ha i kid.
I felt a lil emo/goth wearing this, spesh with the vamp lips but i think its my alter ego just bursting out!
Sometimes i get really confused about my style, on one hand i think its a really good thing that I'm quite... umm... diverse about it? but on the other i wish my style was consistent, maybe then my wardrobe wouldn't be overspilling so much?!
Do you prefer having just the one style or are you a keen explorer of fashion?

Kiss kiss my loves,
I'm off to watch MiC. Yah, yah, rah, totes blates loveeeee it!!!

Friday, 16 September 2011

Oh baby its cold outside

Getting a little ahead of myself singing jingles already? Never, I've picked out my Christmas pressies already. ha.

I'm oddly excited its getting cold, i cant wait to see the back of September, not that it makes any odds to the month seen as here in Sheffield it was around 13C... this in fact is supposed to be the best day 'weather wise' for the rest of the year now. Oh goody!
You wouldn't believe it, but i love layering and chunky knits so ask me why i headed to work whilst freezing my bum cheeks off in my trusty leather jacket, the time had come. I whispered "this just wont do jacket, i love you lots and lots but we cant spend another Autumn/Winter together" I got in to work, sat down at my desk and prepared myself for a bit of sneaky FridayMorningOnlineShopping, i figured spreadsheets and emails could wait just a moment longer.
Yay. yay. yay.
i ordered this.
Miss Selfridge Crombie Coat £55.00

Well, i hope everyone has a great Friday whatever your doing, I'll be on the tiles tonight, hopefully sporting my new dress dress a'la previous post and be able to show you lots of pics :)

Peace & Love kids x

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Treat me Tuesday - #ASOS

Hello 20% off

Hello Free Delivery

Hello Cut Out Collar Shirt Dress

Hello Cheap Monday Hawk Earrings

I cant wait to wear this collared shirt dress, I'm feeling the cut out detail paha ;)
It looks a teensy bit short but then again the model wearing it will more than likely be 15ft nothing! On my 5ft 2 (the 2 is VERY important to me!) short arse it could probably pass for a flowing ball gown! I reckon its the perfect companion for my new faux Litas and RAWR to the slightly lethal hawk earrings, i heart you. ;)

Free Next Day Delivery expires at 5pm and to get your 20% off enter Promo Code HAPPYLFW

Go on, treat yourself! It would be rude not to.


Friday, 9 September 2011

I'm a mess, a dirty smitten mess...

Hey sweet cheeks,

I thought id share some pictures from last night, wearing my newly ombred hair extensions and an armour of silver i went on a little outing for drinkipoos with Le Sissy and our chum to celebrate her birthweek (Idea totally stolen from your truly!)

Top H&M - Skirt UO - Boots Boohoo

Hope everyone has a great weekend! I'll be taking it easy today, I need to jump right back in the game and prepare my poor liver for more Southern Comfort tonight nommy nom nom!!! x

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Idle hands make Nicole poor

Boredom and itchy fingers caused me to buy these...

I've been pretty fond of the iconic JC Litas for some time now, but judging from my past track record, its more than likely a phase which will in time pass. I'm a very unstable shopper I'll have you know, the reputation haunts me.

I didn't want to fork out the pennies just for them to become 'yet another pair of boots' in the back of my saddened dark closet so as always eBay comes through for me, the Lace up Cuban heeled platform boot.

They cost £27.99 (P&P £6.00) and can be bought here, so what do we think?

Monday, 5 September 2011

You're a million miles, a million miles away, so come closer...

It goes a little something like this...

"What do I-e-i-e-ieiii
Have to do-oo-o-ooo-oo
To ge-e-e-t you where, I want you

I'll guess we'll see-e-e-e-ee-e
What might beeeee-e-e
(You can just hear the record deals flooding through now! Ka-ching!)

I've been doing some serious lusting lately over the delectable Miles Kane and actually believe that i was born to hang off of that mans arm. One day we'll get married and spend our days strolling through the little side streets of Liverpool, shopping in vintage dives, buying unheard of vinyl and simply just oozing coolness together!

So you can imagine my excitement when i stumble upon knowledge that he's playing, here, in Sheffield! Yes, yes, yes, yessssssssss!

Annnd cue deep despair and anguish. Sold Out. Well, screw bloody you... I'll show you, I'll.... dwell. Sigh.
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