Thursday, 21 August 2014

Autumn Lust

Autumn Lust
Yep thats right, an Autumn lust post already. We've barely made it out of my favourite month (my birthday month if curious at all) and i'm already thinking about purchasing some winter warmers for little Noah. Because Noah was a July baby and we shockingly actually had a decent-ish summer he spent most of his days in vests i'm quite excited to get some 'proper' little boy clothes on him. Heres a snapshot of some pieces that i will definitely be purchasing from Mamas and Papas... Aaah cute little duck jumper.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Mummy must haves

Below I've compiled a few of my mummy must haves. I know that everyones different but these are just a few of the things that i have found to be saviours after becoming a new mum again.
Blog: Mummy must have

1. Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine: An item that seems to be on every mothers essentials list for formula fed babies. I was a bit dubious at first i thought how hard could it be to make up a bottle on the go.. well very is the answer! Safety regulations have changed so much since i had my daughter, guidelines are to make each individual bottle as needed. Gone are the (very convenient) days of  making up a few and sticking them in the fridge and warming them up as baby demanded! The Perfect Prep Machine makes up a bottle at body temperature under 2 minutes. it's especially amazing for night feeds, so much so that we've moved it to the bedroom, no more falling down stairs half asleep!

2. Muslin Squares: We've got tons as they come in handy for just about everything. The obvious purpose is for burping and wiping up little mishaps but they're also great as a light cover up in the summer, swaddling and for providing shade. i also like to lay them over Noah's changing mat so he's not startled by the cold plastic on his bottom... no one wants that having just woke up. my favourite brands have to be Aden and Anais, no surprise there then, since little royal George was spotted with them they've popped up on every savvy mums shoulder!, The Little White Company and Mark and Spencers.

3. Swing/ Bouncer (in our case both): Initially we started of with the Mothercare Bright Stripes Bouncer which is great, its cheap and cheerful and lightweight enough to take wherever needed so Noah can sit quite safely in different rooms. We were since gifted the Mamas and Papas Starlite Swing and MP3 Player. Noah wasn't a big fan of this at first which i was disappointed about. It has the softest cushioned seat i have felt on a swing so was really surprised that he didn't take to it straight away, but now he's a little older it works wonders for soothing him and helping him to nod off. I have to admit I've not yet used the MP3 feature but again as Noah gets a little older i think it will be a great feature to have.

4. V Shaped pillow: The Kit for Kids By Carla Support Pillow was originally bought for me to help me sleep when my bump got bigger, i loved it and used it every night, i even took it to the hospital with me but as with most things Noah has totally claimed it. It's great for propping him up and also helping me support him when I'm feeding an added bonus is that it comes with an all white cover too so when one is in the wash you just swap them over.

5. Sling/Wrap: I didn't think i would ever be the owner of a sling but in fact I'm the owner of two, yes they're exactly the same but I'm a girl so colour choice was a given! i bought my Liberty Sling via eBay and they've been a little godsend. they allow me to have Noah close-by and safe whilst being hands free meaning i can get stuff done.

6. Babymoov Cosysleep: The Babymoov CosySleep has been in use since day one. The CosySleep is a sleep positioner made of memory foam meaning it adapts to your babys body and helps keep them content and feel secure. The built in head positioner is supposed to prevent flat head syndrome but i bought it for the leg support which bumps up the bum a little and helps with colic and wind helping (us all!) Noah get a better nights sleep. When its not being used in his moses basket i pop it in his carrycot, i was always a little worried about having Noah in the carrycot without any support around him thinking he could slip down or be 'jiggled' about and this prevents any of that happening.

Sunday, 6 July 2014

My wait is over...

Noah Benjamin finally made a very dramatic entrance into the world on 2nd July 2014 at 14.07pm weighing a healthy 8lb 15oz! I'm currently lost in my own little world amazed that I've created (another) amazing little being!

With that being said, I'm also recovering an emergency c-section so will be taking a bit of a break from the blog. I will most likely be posting lots of baby spam over on my Instagram (link above) if you ever want to check in on us.... X

Saturday, 28 June 2014

41 Week Update

I apologise now for the whining to come in this post.... Enjoy!

How far along: 41 weeks and 3 days... ugghhhhh 

Total weight gain: Im not sure but im guessing ive put some one this week considering the amount of food ive demolished, im like godzilla, if godzilla was a pregnant emotional overeating wreck!

Maternity clothes: Nothing new and im so over maternity clothes. I really just want to get back into my old stuff, im not stupidly thinking i'll slip into my skinniest of skinny jeans but just a top that doesnt need an extra foot of fabric just to cover my modesty (and bump) would be nice.

Stretch marks: Blergh (that is all)

Sleep: Pregnancy insomnia - this is mother natures way of preparing you for life with a newborn baby! Aint she just something else! 

Best moment this week/Happy or Moody: If you haven't twigged by now i'm being a complete Debbie-Downer (Thanks to the Kardis for that one...) For the past two weeks ive been getting myself all worked up for these midwife appointments where i expect them to either give me a sweep to get things moving along or to give me a date to start the inducement.... neither of which have happened!
At my last appointment on Wednesday we went through the routine checks, blood pressure, heart rate, protein in the urine etc etc... it came to my least favourite part the 'checking' position of the baby. If you are or have been pregnant you will know that its pretty uncomfortable having hands prodding and poking your bump and even grabbing at baby's limbs! Ouch.
This time round we got an extra little surprise, apart from not being engaged (we expected this) he is looking breech! Ah yes that old cookie again, this was mentioned weeks if not months ago but we though he had turned! Im now booked in for a scan to check whether he's breech and depending on the outcome could also be looking at having a c-section birth... oh how i did not prepare for this. I know plenty of women go overdue but i really didn't expect to be pregnant for a possible 43 weeks.. thats nearly 10 month! Yeeezus! As soon as this little boy makes an appearance, he's grounded.

Movement:  Wriggling away, far too comfortable in there!

Food cravings: Living off of toast and jam (yum) but as mentioned above i have pretty much eaten everything in sight alongside this.

Gender: Little boy.

Labour signs: No, not even a twinge... sigh sigh and SIGH!!!

Belly button in or out: Out

Looking forward to: My scan on Tuesday, hopefully i will have had some sort of a sign before but if not at least i will (hopes and prays) have some sort of an idea what lays ahead........ Fingers Crossed!

Bump: Bumpy at 41 weeks + 2

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

40 Week update

How far along: 40 weeks + 6 days

Total weight gain: 29lbs so far, as long as baby isn't 10lbs of that I'm happy ;) 
I cant say whether this is a sudden boost or not, as you know I've just not been that fussed weighing myself throughout my pregnancy. i knew what weight i was at the beginning so its pretty easy to figure out an overall gain though... you know, ready for those awkward questions people ask later down the line "How much did you gain with..."

Maternity clothes: I was a little naughty and bought a couple of dresses, in my defence they were all from Primark so cheap and cheerful and secondly they are not actually maternity. I bought two dresses in my pre-baby size so they will definitely fit post-baby! the two others are actually cami-dresses which I'll be wearing as long tops, Comes to something when you have to buy a dress to wear as a top... Jeez. 

Stretch marks: Still there but i'll cope, i have bigger things on my mind like getting this baby out.

Sleep: Not sure how I'm managing to get any sleep at all in this heat. I've taken to sleeping on top of the bedding, windows open, fan on top speed and multiple bottles of water at my bedside! 

Best moment this week: I've been spending lots of time with my mum, poor mummy! When I say lots, I mean I've practically moved back home.. I tend to be there for breakfast and dinner! We went to get our nails done then she gave me a little pamper and painted my toenails at home (which I can barely see never mind reach!) I cant bare my feet being touched, hence why they had to done in the privacy of her home.. so I could muffle the shrieks of laughter - i literally break out in a sweat just thinking about it. No matter how old you are its always nice to be mothered though :)

Movement:  He's been doing plenty of wriggling, i was told to keep a close eye on movement now as the more overdue you are the higher risk of stillbirths - scary :(

Food cravings: Nothing new or exciting

Gender: Little boy.

Labour signs: No... SIGH!!!

Belly button in or out: Out

Happy or Moody: I had a bit of a wobbly week mainly because i was all set for having a sweep at my 40 week midwife appointment and was hit with the bombshell that baby wasn't even down enough to carry it out.
I was so excited as when i had one with my daughter i went into labour that night so thought i might actually have a baby in my arms come the weekend.

Looking forward to: Having this baby now!

Bump: Bumpy at 40 weeks + 3

Monday, 16 June 2014

39 Week update

How far along: 39 weeks + 5 days 

Total weight gain: I will do this....

Maternity clothes: Same as last week, I'm looking forward to post-baby wardrobe shopping rather than forking out on maternity items.

Stretch marks: Same, its always those last weeks they tend to creep up.

Sleep: Still waking up at 2am every night?!

Best moment this week: I really should write this post midweek because I've got complete baby brain and cant actually remember what I've been up to other than lounging around in the sunshine, bouncing on my birth ball, OK so not so much bouncing going on below.....

This week we finally bought baby's bouncer. We had spent weeks on end looking at different bouncers, what a minefield, and i thought travel systems were bad. i did have a couple in mind like the Stokke Steps Bouncer and the Bloom Coco Baby Lounger. i adore both especially the Bloom Coco Lounger but i thought about it logically and knowing my daughter hated her all singing and dancing bouncer i actually just went to Mothercare and picked up the most basic one i could find which was Mothercare Bright Stripes Bouncer until i knew what baby was in to (vibrations, swinging, music? who knows). Surprisingly i actually really like it too! It was always sold out online and had raving reviews, i managed to pick one up from a local branch and so far I'm impressed, i figured as long as it hold baby securely for a good few weeks then I'm happy.
Movement: Lots of squirming. From where i see him moving the most I'm also pretty sure he's still not engaged either...  arghhh.

Food cravings: Nothing new or exciting

Gender: Little boy.

Labour signs: No... SIGH!!!

Belly button in or out: Out

Happy or Moody: Still a happy chappy!

Looking forward to: My midwife appointment on Wednesday. As much as i love going to see my midwife for a nice little chatter about what a big boy he is and checking how im feeling etc etc this one will be to also do a sweep! Eeeek. i will be officially 40 weeks on the day so if things get moving (and moving QUICKLY!) could it be possible that he actually makes his way into the world ON his due date?!!! Excitttttinggggggggg!!!

Bump: Bumpy at 39 weeks

Sorry this was such a short pregnancy update (and in the nicest way i really hope its my last!) 
Come on now baby!

Thursday, 12 June 2014

38 Week update

How far along: 39 weeks + 1 days (6 days to go!!!!)

Total weight gain: Promise I'll weigh myself before baby comes, all i know is I'm looking huge and have no great desire to depress myself!

Maternity clothes: Still being good an not buying anything. I CAN NOT wait to buy a post baby wardrobe though, I've seen sooooo many gorgeous pieces that i want!!! ZARA for one best watch out.

Stretch marks: The sneaky buggers got me but let's face it my life's not over and he is more than worth a couple stretch marks.

Sleep: I'm sleeping but waking up at precisely 2am and again at 5am... maybe this is my bodies way of preparing me for his routine??

Best moment this week: 

  • A little shopping trip, i bought myself a few treats my new favourite lipstick and espadrilles being two of them!
  • Lazy morning, Tallulah has got in to the habbit of coming up for morning cuddles which is always nice to wake up to.
  • Our attempt at 'walking him out' It did absolutely nothing other than give me heartburn, but it was nice going for a walk in the fields with the fella! (and quite comical times when i attempted a few squats i bet that poor cyclist was not expecting to see that!!!)

Movement: More squirming around than kicking, I'm surprised the 'little' guy has any room in there to even attempt a kick.

Food cravings: (same old) ice-lollies and a new one is milk, not together though obviously, I find they ease the heartburn more than anything.

Gender: Little boy.

Labour signs: Nothing, zip, zilch! No braxton hicks, no tightening.... nothingggg *distraught smiley*

Belly button in or out: Out

Happy or Moody: A happy but very slow week, i'm soon going to be brain washed if i watch anymore american trash (which i secretly love, but must put a stop to!)

Looking forward to: Babbbbbbbbby, come on now!

Bump: Bumpy at 38 weeks

If you have any ideas how i can make the next week (or god forbids he goes over) more bearable please leave me a comment. let me know what you got up to if your on or have been on maternity leave :) 

Saturday, 7 June 2014

37 Week update

How far along: 38 weeks + 3 (late with the update - sorrrrrrry!)

Total weight gain: Not weighed myself but baby is measuring a week ahead!

Maternity clothes: Still coping with what ive got although it is tempting to pop a few things in my ASOS basket i need to stay focused... only over 2 weeks to go (hopefully)

Stretch marks: Still just an itchy bump and still moisturising... a lot.

Sleep: Whats this then? :p

Best moment this week: Walking in to this.....  

A lovely meal prepared by my adorbs boyfriend (Yep, i  said ADORBS! soppy blerugh eurgh) and my gorgeous girl! Freshly baked bread, olive oil & balsamic vinegar with quiche and salad, oh and a bottle of non-alcoholic red wine deeee-lish! 

Movement: The ribs have still been taking a battering and he's still wriggling around lots which is great as it means he's still content!

Food cravings: Nothing in particular this past week

Gender: Little boy.

Labour signs: Lots of braxtons but no sign of an early appearance

Belly button in or out: Out

Happy or Moody: Generally happy, i've been throwing myself into my nesting and have Detol'd the life out of every surface going! i'm blissfully plodding along and trying not to count down the days.

Looking forward to: Having the house spick and span ready for the little boy and a few lay ins whilst Macy has her sleep overs at nannan and granddads which saves me from the school run.

Bump: Bumpy at 37 weeks

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

36 Week update

How far along: 36 weeks + 6 days

Total weight gain: Not too sure, apparently baby will put on a 1lb a week now! eek

Maternity clothes: I've only got a few more weeks t go so the one i have will just have to be tugged and stretched to cover this bump! 

Stretch marks: Im sure i have a couple right on the part of the bump you cant actually see yourself without the aid of 2 mirrors and some neck bending but im not too bothered. unfortunately its the itchy bump that's causing me the agony! 

Sleep: I've woke up itching my bump a few times which is hellish, once i start i cant stop as it aggravates it so much more, then often end up with a sleepless night.

Best moment this week: My leaving presentation from the lovely ladies at work, lots of lovely words were spoken which brought a tear to my eye! That was good going for me i could have very well just had a full on emotional breakdown had i not tried so hard to hold it together! I got VERY spoilt, my favourite being lots of lovely presents from The Little White Company! It's a favourite of mine but not a shop i make a habit of purchasing from just because the prices can be a bit wacko. 

Movement: My ribs have been taking plenty of bashings this week, its become quite painful on occasion as it seems to be the same one over and over! (I'm hoping for a tap dancer rather than a footballer ;) )

Food cravings: I'm still stocking up on the cereal and ice-lollies...yum

Gender: Little boy.

Labour signs: Not sure if I've fooled myself into thinking i'm in a very long stage of early labour or whether i'm just really fed up now and becoming rather whiny :p

Belly button in or out: Out

Happy or Moody: I've had a bit of a rocky week this week. It was my last day at work on Friday (Until my mat leave is over anyhow) and rather than jumping for joy like most would have expected i felt so sad! I felt a mixture f sadness, loneliness and although it will sound odd i felt quite lost... like i wont have any routine or structure to my day... i know this wont last very long as soon i will have a newborn baby dictating what we get up to but i think all in all the hormones were at their peak and i had a bit of a blubber at well, just about everything!

Looking forward to: His arrival, it come around very quickly but now i think these last few weeks will drag.

Bump: Bumpy at 36 weeks

Monday, 19 May 2014

35 Week update

How far along: 35 weeks + 5 days

Total weight gain: I finally hit the scales, I've gained 25lbs and according to my Mom Weight Gain Calculator  App I'm neither under nor over what i 'should' be and wont be worrying too much about it. I think you should do what your body tells you to do and if my body says hey i want that extra biscuit I'm having that biscuit!

Maternity clothes: No more purchases, I'm trying my hardest but as it warms up i find myself struggling more and more to find clothes that will comfortably accommodate my expanding tum!

Stretch marks: Still no sign of any new stretchmarks and hurrah that annoying rash is starting to clear up. if your struggling with an itchy bump i would highly recommend the E45 itch relief cream its helped me a lot especially in the night, I've even chucked it in my bag a few times in case i get the urge to scratch whilst at work. As mentioned in my last update my midwife recommended Palmers Cocoa Butter, i did get it but decided against the original formula and picked up the Fragrance Free Hypoallergenic one which is enriched with Vitamin E and claims to soften, smooth and relieve sensitive dry skin. Thumbs up all round.

Sleep: I've had a couple of really bad nights, firstly the heartburn is a killer and on top of that I'm having the most vivid dreams which aren't so fun when they turn into nightmares i literally scared myself awake and couldn't get back to sleep (that's when I'm thankful for Netflix, plenty of Ugly Betty to watch over and over again!)

Best moment this week: It was a gorgeous weekend and although my  Mr was working i went to my sisters for a BBQ, it was so nice to just sit in the sun with my family and a snazzy drink pictured below (A lemonade with a slice of lemon and wedge of lime.... closest I'm getting to a cocktail!) 

On Sunday we managed to squeeze in a few hours at the park... i was very tempted to get on that trampoline, what better way to bring on labour huh?!

Movement: He's been a little more active this week, in fact we put Ewen the dream sheep to use one night, i was dead on my feet and all i wanted was a snooze but the little guy was having none of it!.. it seemed to work too, bonus! i cant wait to use it when he's here, hopefully it will have the same calming effect.

Food cravings: I've really craved porridge, not sure why because its pretty boring but i couldn't get it out of my head for around 3 days.. i still haven't had any. Also, with the weather picking up (yes, I'm using the weather as an excuse) I'm back on the ice pop addiction, actually some days i think id be pleased with just an ice cube.

Gender: Little boy.

Labour signs: No labour signs, I'm STILL just waiting patiently.

Belly button in or out: So far our its actually a toy to my daughter now, she very lovingly gives her brother a cuddle and a rub and then has a good poke at my belly button!

Happy or Moody: Very happy week, however, its my last day in the office on Friday and although its what everyone seems to look forward to most (apart from their new arrival of course) I'm pretty emotional and a little scared that i could possibly become bored??!?! Luckily my first week off lands in the school holidays so i will have some company and then I'm left to my own devices... I'm currently thinking what little diy shabby chic project could i get my hands on as I'm not struggling for energy (famous last words?) just yet... Ideas on a post card please for anything that might keep me entertained or what you got up to before the arrival of baby.

Looking forward to: My many leaving lunches with the lovely ladies at work. I've ordered a few things for my changing bag one of these being a wet/dry bag... it sounds very sad but i cant wait for it to come so i can stuff it with a spare change of his clothes and pop it in my changing bag haha... I'm sure the day will come where this is actually just a chore and not a very cute thing to do to fill in 10mins of my time.

Bump: Bumpy at 35 weeks

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

What's in my hospital bag?

Whats in my hospital bag

Following my post on What's in my baby's hospital bag i thought it was only right for the next one to be What's in MY hospital bag... It's not as cute and filled with a lot more of those 'less than glamorous' products but i hope it helps you decide what to bring if you too are packing your hospital bag.
I'm a lot more organized second time round and i do think its down to all the helpful blog posts and you tube videos. With my first pregnancy i packed the basics and i mean the basics,  I must say i have packed a few bits that some may think are vain or superficial (straightners/makeup) but im packing these with the intent that they will make me feel and look more human! I want to be able to look back at the pictures this time round and not cringe! So, each to their own.. why not do all you can to make yourself feel better, after-all you've just given birth and thats possibly the hardest thing to do!

Whats in my hospital bag 2
I've packed 3.. ok 4 nighties/nightshirts to be on the safe side - Maternity Pads - Mini Straighteners (i'm determined to not have an afro this time round) - Hair Brush/Tangle Teezer - Plastic Bags (again, for any dirty clothes) - Hospital Notes - Slippers - Going Home Clothes (Maternity leggings, vest top, shirt & Converse) - Only a hundred pairs of underwear(!) - Socks - Toiletries & Cosmetics (below) - Oh and on top of all of this i somehow need to squish a towel in there... hmmm wish me luck!

What's in my hosp bag 3
lets face it, it aint pretty

Whats in my hospital bag - cosmetics

Benefit 'its potent' Eye Cream - Real Techniques Mini Brush Trio - Origins Vitazing - ELF blush 'Shy' - Benefit High Beam Highlighter - Le Volume De Chanel Mascara - Benefit Fake-Up Concealer - Nars Oil Makeup Remover - Carmex Original Lip Balm - Benefit BrowZing - Cotton Wool Pads - Hair Bobbles - Hair Grips

Whats in my hospital bag - Toiletries
Toothbrush - Toothpaste - Wash Cloth - Boots Anitbacterial Wipes - Feminine Products (Femfresh Wash, Wipes and lots of sanitary pads!) - Body Wash - Dove Deodorant - Palmers Cocoa Butter - Garnier Micellar Water (dispensed) - Soap & Glory Hand Food - Soap & Glory Hand Maid - Batiste Dry Shampoo 'Blush' Hope this post was helpful/interesting!

 Let me know if you have any tips or suggestions for what to pack in your hospital bag.

Saturday, 10 May 2014

What's in my baby's hospital Bag

I've had both mine and baby's hospital bag packed for quite some time, not because i think he will be making an early appearance but just because its something i had been so excited to do (not sure why?!) and couldn't hold out any longer.

So, at the bottom of the bed sits both our bags just ready and waiting.......

Rather than cram loads of stuff in one post I've decided to focus this one on baby N's bag (besides its a lot cuter than mine, jumbo maternity pads anyone?! no didn't think so)

OhMy... Blog - Whats in my Baby Hospital Bag

The bag is stolen borrowed from my mum, I'm not entirely sure where its from but its got a sensible and nifty section on the back which makes it easy to slip over the handle of my hospital bag and lots of different compartments hopefully making it super easy to find things sharpish.
So, nevertheless here are its contents:
  • 45 x Nappies - we've got a ton to choose from just because i don't know which the baby will take to  best, but for the hospital i decided to go with a pack of Pampers New Baby Sensitive. 45 may be a little overboard but i just chucked the whole lot in!
  • We decided to get a little present from baby to his big sister, this is just a cute little rag doll style plush that has Best Big Sister embroidered on the front
  • A couple of plastic bags, these will come in handy for any used/mucky clothes
  • His Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature dummies and a dummy clip which i found on Etsy and thought was just adorable! I know how many dummies get lost in transit so hopefully this will put a stop to that...

  • Tommee Tippee Grooming Kit - Really handy kits that contains a digital oral thermometer, nasal aspirator, toothbrush, brush, comb, scissors, nail clippers and emery boards for those sharp baby nails.
  • 1 x pack of Waterwipes - I've read numerous reviews on these and believe them to be the best out there for newborn bums, so i stocked up and thought i may as well include a pack.. just in case.
  • Cotton wool and nappy sacks - the hospital advise you to use cotton wool for the first few days so that's what I'm going to do and the nappy sacks, self explanatory.
  • spare bib and vest - for any little accidents we may entail.
  • Metanium Barrier Ointment - this came in one of my bounty packs and i thought the sample size was handy to have in there.
  • 2 x 'Baby Packs' - These are just two zipper bags that i have made up to make it easy and quick to grab once baby has been born and ready to be dressed. Rather than rummaging around in the bag looking for bits and pieces each bag has  a full outfit in there (babygrow, vest, socks, mittens and hat) along with a muslin cloth and nappy. i hope I'm only in overnight and that this will last us but if not I'll be sending Liam off home for extra stock!
And that is that. I think I'm pretty much set but if there's anything you'd recommend i take please don't be shy and leave me a comment below.

Friday, 9 May 2014

34 Week update

How far along: 34 weeks + 2 days

Total weight gain: Still not had the urge to weigh myself. I know my weight from when i first found out i was pregnant so will know how much i've gained overall... scary thought.

Maternity clothes: Although in my last update I did say I wouldn't be spending much on any more maternity clothes I did get annoyed with having to rotate the few items I have and went to ASOS for a bit of comfort... I'm going to put a little post together on my maternity items as I feel like I've been through ALL the seasons in this pregnancy and have had to adjust my wardrobe to suit whatever the british weather chuck at me quite a few times! Hopefully the post will give you a few outfit ideas, let you know what i think was worth the purchase or just be good to have a nosey.

Stretch marks: No stretchmarks but I have broken out in a pregnancy rash across the bump this week again which is quite itchy and VERY annoying! My midwife has put it down to yet another change in hormones and has suggested i try Palmers Cocoa Butter, so thats me going to Boots for supplies...again.

Sleep: An easier week thankfully, once i have fallen asleep i havent really woken up throughout the night as i had in the previous week. The heartburn is still there but isn't keeping me awake or waking me up suddenly in the middle if the night. I've also found that i have a much better nights rest with fewer pillows, at one point i was using up to 5 pillows to prop me up and support the bump.

Best moment this week: A Bank Holiday, the sun has been shining and spending lots of time with my family just taking it easy and watching films. Our current fave has to be Frozen! Embarrassingly Liam and i found ourselves laughing more than my daughter!

Movement: Reduced movement but all my apps are reassuring me that this is just down to baby boy running out of space! He does have some sort of routine though, i wake up to feel him wriggling around then he settles, he will often have his mad half hours then time for a snooze haha. At my midwife appoinment i was told he is now head down with his back to my left and bum high in my ribs, at least we're pointing in the right direction!

Food cravings: Like last week, nothing has really appealed to me, im still heavy on the cereal though! Luckily its not those lathered in sugar, it tends to be Wheetaflakes and Malt Wheaties... Mmmm

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing in particular, still not a huge fan of eating meat. Quite similar in my last pregnancy, i couldnt stand the smell of it being cooked.

Gender: Little boy.

Labour signs: No labour signs, I'm just waiting impatiently.

Belly button in or out: Full on out... and will soon be needing its very own postcode!

Happy or Moody: A happy week, im ebracing the bump and just generally feeling great about things.

Looking forward to: My maternity leave starting and the numerous lunches i have in my calendar before i go off. I am a bit worried that i will become bored at home on my own so im hoping for a lightbulb moment for things to fill my time.... other than the school runs and napping!

Bump: Here's Mr bump at 34weeks exactly

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

33 Week update

How far along: 33 weeks 

Total weight gain: Still not weighed myself, i don't actually own a pair of scales which is a good thing as i think id be hopping on and off them daily!

Maternity clothes: I bought a pair of maternity leggings and a few basic long tops from H&M, i'm also doing a bit of thrifty eBay shopping and hoping to bag myself a bargain or two! I cant justify spending tons when i've only 7 weeks to go.

Stretch marks: Still none... fingers crossed it stays that way!

Sleep: I've had a bit of a rough week suffering with heart burn which is constantly waking me up and making me sick. Thursday night i was up from 11pm until 4am feeling nauseous, not nice at all. My new trick, sleeping vertically!

Best moment this week: Receiving the Jamoboree collection from Mamas and Papas, i couldn't wait for Liam to arrive home before i put it all up! his nursery is really coming together and i could spend hours just adoring it, i dread to think what i will be like when theres an actually teeny tiny bubba in there! I might do a little post on the collection and some of the stuff we got.

Movement: Bump feels a lot lower, i hope he's moved down and is either getting ready to or better yet is engaged!

Food cravings: Nothing really, if anything i've lost my appetite a bit, nothing seems to appeal to me.

Anything making you queasy or sick: I'm not that keen on the taste of meat unless its pretty much been cremated, gross i know.

Gender: Little boy.

Labour signs: I'm feeling a little heavier and a bit more pressure lower down but i think thats the norm, especially if he's finally turned head down.

Belly button in or out: Full on out!

Happy or Moody: Mainly happy although i'm getting really irritated with peoples "your bump is really big isnt it" comments. I'm sure they mean well but sometimes i wish they;d put a filter on it and think before speaking, after all i'm pregnant, hormonal and erratic ;)

Looking forward to: The midwife coming next Tuesday, i think we will be discussing my birth plan....argh! Im nervous but also excited as its all getting very very VERY close.

Bump: Oh heres my huge bump ;) 

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

32 Week update

How far along: 32 weeks

Total weight gain: I've had a massive growth spurt since coming into my third trimester but i haven't actually weighed myself. People keep commenting that I've gotten to big then making me not want to hit them by saying its all bump.

Maternity clothes: I feel like i live in my ASOS skinny jeans and leggings which is slightly annoying as its becoming warmer but maternity dresses make me look HUGE! I'm going to be doing a lunch time stop at H&M to pick up some more basics just in the bigger sizes as i feel its slightly inappropriate to be sporting my old ones that could pass as crop tops!

Stretch marks: I have some light existing ones from my first pregnancy but starting to see the appearance of a couple of new ones just around the belly button. this is the exact same area i struggled with last tine.

Sleep: I'm just about getting enough sleep, although i woke up at 4am with a mind full of stuff that i needed to do right then, the normal stuff like wash the cot bedding that's not even arrived yet! I'm making up for the lack of sleep with plenty of naps though.

Best moment this week: This will sound really pathetic but buying the cot bed mattress and some baby toys.. I seriously worry that we wont be ready in time for Baby N so whatever progress we make just makes me happy. Also, the nursery is coming together great, everything is up and painted and toys awaiting the little mans arrival.

Movement: We currently have a breech baby! At our checkup the midwife sounded surprised but not that concerned, she said we can worry about that at my next appointment which wont be until May but I've heard it gets more difficult for baby to turn, obviously as he's growing he's running out of chop chop baby get into position! I've also just bought a birthing ball, hopefully bouncing away on that will get bubba into position.

Food cravings: I must admit I've been pretty bad with the sweeties throughout my pregnancy, i just cant stop. I'm trying my hardest to avoid them but when the biscuit tin is offered to me there's no going back.

Anything making you queasy or sick: I'm not that keen on the taste of meat unless its pretty much been cremated, gross i know.

Gender: Little boy.

Labour signs: I thought i had a braxton hick but not entirely sure whether it was that or if id just overdone it. I've been part of the Babycentre community board for quite some time, first joined when i was pregnant with my daughter and have been seeing quite a few birth announcements, luckily all the impatient little June babies are doing great but its made me a little paranoid! The slightest twinge and I'm talking my other half through what he should do if today was the day! ha ha.

Belly button in or out: Full on out!

Happy or Moody: most of the time? I'm pretty happy although my temper is appalling i get wound up over the slightest little thing and unfortunately for my boyfriend its usually his fault oopsie.

Looking forward to: Him arriving, although i know i need to be patient until he's a little bigger

Bump: *Will insert cute looking bump shot soon! currently feeling too poop to snap a shot* (promise!)


Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Preggo Essentials: Third Trimester

Preggo Essentials

1. Raspberry Bloom Essentials Pregnancy Pillow
This has been a staple since day 1 really, i couldn't possibly get to sleep without it. I bought it after watching one of Hannah Maggs YouTube videos and even before i needed it to cram under the hefty bump to add some kind of support it had already replaced my pillows, i just found it to be so much more comfortable and obviously it has its uses more and more as you expand!

2. 100% Pure Coconut Oil
Even before being pregnant i've always had sensitive skin (oddly not on the face!) but i am a sucker for lotions and potions and believe me i've spent a fair penny on them for bump! To name but a few, Mamma Mio Stretch Mark Butter - Great, its absorbs quickly, looks to be actually doing something but i cannot for the life of me stand the smell! i tried to get over it considering the not so sweet price tag but the smell would constantly make me nauseous. Oh and the famous Bio-oil, id drowned my skin in this but my skin did not take too kindly to it...constant itching! it seemed the only way forward was au natural, 100% au natural in the form of coconut oil and its worked wonders for me. So far no stretch marks but i know this is technically just down to what you slap on the bump (good genetics and all that have there part to play and its usually just a couple of weeks before you drop that those suckers get ya! But anyway, coconut oil, it soothes any irritation i got from the stretching skin, absorbs pretty quickly and funnily enough had no scent, not even a coconut one. perfect.

3. Tums - Assorted Fruit Anti-acid Tablets
My third trimester brought with it the return of the heartburn! thanks for that...
I usually suffer with heartburn the most at night so its hands to have this little tub on my bedside table but its also small enough to chuck in my bag when heading off for work. I like me you cant stand the taste of 'chalky' anti-acid tablets definitely give these a try, not only do they work an extra bonus is they are fruit flavoured so quite tasty too (always thinking about the stomach!)

4. Origins Ginzing Eye Cream
Lets face it, i've not had a decent nights sleep in about oh errrr 30weeks? (if its not sickness its heartburn if not heartburn most likely backache, bumpache, legache, just aching in general).
This is a little pot of gold dust and with a good concealer is great at faking those wide awake peepers! Im a big fan of all the Ginzing line from Origins, so definitely worth checking out if you've never tried it before.

5. Newlook Bump Bands
Nothing fits? roll out the bump bands! Great for tops that are wide enough to house bump but not quite long enough and if like me you cant bare to part with your beloved skinnies (and the whole buttonhole/hairband trick no longer works) these are great at keeping them up and hiding the fact that your walking around with your jeans unbuttoned.

What are your preggo essentials?

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Mummy Lust: Marc By Marc Jacobs Pretty Nylon Eliz-A-Baby Diaper Bag

This may be a bit of a pointless post considering if i was tempted to buy the Marc By Marc Jacobs Pretty Nylon Eliz-A-Baby Diaper Bag im not entirely sure how i would go about it without paying the £40+ tax. But although it is a simple nylon *shivers at the thought* bag i keep finding myself obsessively pinning it onto my Preggo NEEDS board over on Pinterest and lusting over it on Bloomingdales and Nordstrom... It seems my lust worthy bag is only available to purchase in the states big boo! My other half may however see this as a blessing in disguise, at £180* its not the cheapest of bags but as the name suggests, its pretty darn well... pretty.

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