Sunday, 26 February 2012

You like your girls insane

Morning petals!

Little OOTN from Saturday night. Tee from Primark, Boots (unseen) Fearn from Boohoo and Disco Pants in midnight navy from American Apparel.

I adore my disco pants so much so that i most definitely need them in every colour! shame about the hefty £70 price tag though hey.
AA Disco pants have been slap dashed on every blog post near and far, its probably down to them that i requested a pair for Christmas as i thought i couldn't justify spending so much on a simple pair of trousers, but no, they are so much more than that! they nip, cinch and give you the smoothest silhouette and believe you me my hips and bottom need that smooth silhouette ;)!!
Next on my list are the black ones, simple and classic. You can pair with almost anything, but theres a little part of me that's daring me to  venture out of my comfort zone and purchase the purple ones?!

Do any of you own the disco pants? Which colour do you have? Any suggested colours?


  1. OMG this is gorgeous I love this outfit I love the leggings i have very similr and i love them xx

  2. Awesome blog with awesome pictures!

    would you like to follow me back?


  3. Love the disco pants!!

  4. the disco pants look sooo hot! gorgeous. x


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