Friday, 25 March 2011

Festival Virgin

Aaaahhh... eeeeee... Lllleeeeeedsssss!!!

Now thats out of the system... Im going to the Leeds festival, my first ever may i add.

Two laptops and one phone later and i had just whacked 4 Leeds festival tickets on my credit card (painfull).

Me, sissy and the boys will be "roughing" it for 3 nights in august, with lots and lots of lovely beer, music and MUD!

i've had mixed reactions to the line up and tbf i dont really know who 100% of them are anyway to comment but that asside im sure its going to be amazzzing, right?
If you've any tips, like to share your experiences, essentials, anything.. or even try to talk me out of it.. please feel free to comment away. Hunters at the ready! N x

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