Friday, 25 March 2011

"Its not vintage... its second hand stupid"

So, on Saturday me and sissy went along to Pick 'N' Mix, a little vintage fair in Sheffield where you pay £1.00 admission, get a cute lil stamp on your hand so you can come back as many times as you want and basicly buy your vintage by weight! Its £12.00 a Kg and i was smack on 1kg :-) i picked up a few (a lot!) of silk head scarfs, a couple of blouses and two pairs of braces. Im really bad at rumaging which isnt the best thing at places like these as theres rails and rails of clothes. Im sure those people with the patience and a good eye for a bargain came out with bags and bags of stuff, the sister didnt do to bad herself her "Pick 'N' Mix" was just over a kg due to her sudden obsession with head scarfs she gained in under an hour, seriously think about it they dont weigh that much!!! I landed myself with a knee length tartan skirt from COW one of my fave stores atm its kinda vintage but with no scuffling and rummaging involved,happy days! I've been lusting after a tartan skirt ever since spotting Nicola Roberts rock her Vivienne Westwood version but as much as i would LOVE to be the owner of a vivvi i think the £8 bargain i picked up is much more to my taste...well it has to be! Piccies soon N x

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