Friday, 16 March 2012

Boots for Summer

White Limited Edition Chelsea Boots // Nighthawk Studded Chelsea Boots
 Need and want both in my life.
These would look just perfect with any summer dress, especially the grey t-shirt dress from Primark (£8) that has been knocking around on blogs here, there and everywhere. I've bagged mine! Cant blame us, blatant rip off of the Topshop version (£25) at just a fraction of the price. I heart Primark, you crafty thing!
Hope to have pictures of me wearing mine with either (or both) pair of these boots over the weekend... we'll see.


  1. Love those white chelsea boots, I'm really looking for a perfect pair of white shoes, and I still have no clue what to buy, but these are just gorgeous!

  2. Hey gorgeous pants

    This is the lamp I have- mega cheap and its been brill

    I suggest not wasting your money on cnd shellac and going for the bluesky shellac (on ebay) you need top coat, base coat, colour and some acetone free nail polish (to take the sticky residue off after top coat)

    Do it :) I love it I could never wait for my normal nail polish to dry now after this kind of mani...Im too impatient!


    Where can I get those rayban style geek frames you were on about before babe?

  3. Hello lovely

    Thanks for your lovely comments xx you gotta get the boots I love my Nighthawks. I love the white boots from New look too I have been perving over them for a while now they are lush. Gotta love Primark I have the grey dress and got a striped one too BARGAIN xoxo

    Have a fab weekend gorgeous girl xx


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