Tuesday, 28 February 2012


 Tee - UO, Truly Madly Deeply. Shorts - Vintage Levis. Coat - Miss Selfridge.
Ring - H&M. Watch - Vintage. Belt - Vintage.

Little OOTD from what i wore out to do some shopping, i picked up a few bits which i'll later show you in another post, possibility that i started my summer shopping way too early!

I dont know if any of you will have noticed but i've added a page with links to most social pages i use so if you fany giving me a follow go ahead :) Also, don't forget to leave yours. Im in need of some new peeps to follow on Tumblr and Instagram (Argh addictive much?!) 


  1. OMG I LOVE this tee i really want it and love how you have styled it :) so cute xx poppymale.blogspot.com

  2. Thanks lovely :)

    I've seen quite a few looky-likes knocking around on sites like Missguided etc, think they've got a few knits with the same leopard cross design on xx

  3. Looking reem as ever my darlingggg.

    Ohhh really? Where are your specs from then babe? Them bans are so expense really!!- plus Im not exactly careful so they would be ruined!

    Yeah I got the lace dress but it wasnt really me but everyone said how nice it looked? and brill for the monies!


  4. Really like the tee, very nice with those shorts

    Rianna xx

  5. Fab outfit hun love this tee, looks perfect with the cut offs and jacket xoxo

  6. Loveeee this tee, been wanting to get my mitts on it for a while. Outfits been put together well, you make it look so effortless. Love the jacket too!

    Your blog is fab-love it. *following* cant wait for some more posts!!!!

    Love Nails. Love Obsession-Lacquer.




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