Monday, 23 January 2012


I'm quick off the mark to label Eddie Redmayne my 2012 all time crush! Move over R-Patz (well, not completely... just make a little room)
I can assure you I've never changed my Iphone wallpaper so quickly! Gah total swoonage ;)
Apart from Birdsong gracing my screen with total hotness, its a gripping drama that sent me a little weak at the knees! I cant deny that I'm a sucker for an epic love story and with it being set in the First World War, plenty of tears are assured.
Sunday is officially the day to fall in love, you need to watch this.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Insp. #Cut offs

Thats it now, im over it... having dodged death by rain pour today i've decided im ready for summer, heck i id even settle for a bit of Spring time.

Bit of a grouch today as it was my first day back at work after 2 weeks of lazing around, eating lots of yummy food and watching old movies. I really didn't want to venture in to the rain/sleet/hale blizzard that was going on outside! but hey ho the day went by pretty quickly even if i did spend it looking like a drowned rat sporting a quiff gone wrong hiding in the corner!
Anyhow, much to my delight i arrived home to a pair of light wash vintage Levis which i oddly enough ordered mid december time.
I guess sunshine aint coming anytime soon, so, I suppose for now i can pair them with thick tights and cable knits whilst i patiently await the arrival of warmth created by the SUN!... remember that kids? I assure you, its amazeballs.
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