Thursday, 21 April 2011

25 Things i do on my own...Oh My!

Seems like this post idea has been stolen quite a few times, I feel I should definitely do the same ;)
Taken from Em, a blogger i have just started to follow. Check her out Its Em
  1. Twitter Stalk - Hardly contribute, yet follow EVERYONE!
  2. Stare out my Blackberry
  3. Giggle at Youtube video's
  4. Pose, pose and some more posing
  5. Spend endless hours straightening the curling my hair (eek!)
  6. Open numerous blogs until i find one i like
  7. Curse stupid FB updates
  8. Watch the same 'favourite' movies over and over...
  9. Sing along to the Dirty Dancing soundtrack
  10. Lust over things i'll never own, then get a little mardy about it
  11. Attempt to throw away shoes i dont really wear
  12. Try on the shoes i was attempting to throw away and walk around in them until i convince myself i will one day wear them again
  13. Imagine marrying Louis Spence
  14. Imagine marrying Rufus Hound... weird right?
  15. Practice my name alongside of the boys
  16. Write To Do Lists
  17. Attempt to do the whole of my Pump It Up fitness DVD (without passing out!)
  18. Eat loadssss of chocolates
  19. Take random pictures
  20. Google... anything
  21. Blog
  22. Clean, but only if the house is empty
  23. Walk around in my underwear
  24. Dance
  25. Flake out
Please steal as i did, be sure to let me know so i can have a good old nosey hehe :)


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