Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Mish Mash

Feeling a little bit gutted, I checked Office last night to see why it was taking so long for them to deliver the Manic Studded Boots I had ordered and to my grief/sorrow/misery/wretchedness the order had been DELETED! After emailing customer services I was told they were out of stock :’( :’( :’( stupid, stupid, stupid Office… letting me order an item that was out of stock pssht! I'll take this as karma telling me to invest in sandals rather than boots for the summer, meh?!

I really need to get my laptop sorted, for some reason its being a real bugger when I try uploading photos. The only way I can get anything on here is direct from my Blackberry and although I do love my BB the picture quality just isn’t up to scratch and this is where I kick myself for not listening to all those that said "Get the Iphone, its amazing, you'll regret it, blah blah blaaaah!". What’s a blog without pictures - Snooze fest!!!

I've almost finished "I heart Paris" and im in need for a summer read, so, if you have any recommendations - please, force them upon me. I need assistance on my travels to work in the morning to keep me awake, so it’s a must.

Nic x

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