Friday, 1 April 2011

Rambling Friday

Feeling slightly deceived by the BBC weather, I head off to work dressed for a summer’s afternoon in ooh I don’t know Paris? ;) Don’t think berets and cropped pants! More along the lines of Topshop ankle grazers and sleeveless shirt with only a chunky knit as a lousy means of protection against the rain. Aaah thanks for literally peeing on my Friday good feeling! Where are my 19(‘C) of sunshine you promised me Mr weather man? You just cant be trusted. I actually feared for the life of my Louis Vuitton and its pale vachetta, sad I know but upon purchasing it I made a promise to the sales assistant that I would more a less baby it for at least the first 6 months of its “life” Off the bus I made a dash to the nearest store to grab an umbrella, good old Boots there’s always at least two within a miles radius, although not impressed with the robbing price I paid. Bleurgh. Anyway, to a few things that have slapped a big fat smile on my face, a recent purchase of Models Own – Juicy Jules, a great read I heart Paris by Lindsey Kelk and i cant wait for my firggin boots to get to meeeee!

- I bought Juicy Jules yesterday; I was instantly attracted to it by the masses of shiny, sparkly particles in one bottle and thought it would look pretty amazing when the sun finally decides to join us. It’s not like your average glitter polish that you have to use half a bottle just to get some sort of sparkle on your nail. I found this to give great coverage even when worn without a base coat. In the picture, which, by the way does not do it justice of just how sparkly and pretty it is, I’m wearing 3 coats with no top coat. By far my favourite polish…for now.

- “I heart Paris” is the third of three books written by Lindsey Kelk the first being “I heart New York” and following that was “I heart Hollywood”. I got seriously into these books and read them one after another (still currently reading I heart Paris). I never really latch on to an author but whatever this chick writes has to be a belter to I’ll be virtually stalking her until her next release and the one after that, and the one after that and the… you get the picture. Seriously check her out, I have read little bits of her blog but tbh I’m not following, not until I’ve finished the book – I don’t want to come across any spoilers. Geekling.

- Little bit obsessed with this site and not sure how i have only just stumbled across it? If you've never been on it, kiss goodbye to your real life for a few hours and surf away. I love the Real vs. Steal articles its great for finding a more cash friendly alternative to whatever item your lusting over and the fact you can search by your favourite deisgner or celebrity is a great feature plus its updated at least once a day so you can never get bored of seeing the same old.

Nic x

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