Sunday, 21 August 2011

Getting crafty - #BloggerBook

Am i the only one who owns a blogger book (admit it, we can be overly cool together!)

Mine is full of little notes, from blogs to makeup i want to check, obviously clothing items/accessories that i cant possibly function without and a few snippets for instaparation purposes.

Today i got a bit artsy-fartsy with mine, ive had some alphabet stickers tucked away in my draw for sometime now and i figure id give this a bash...

Just in case i forget what my blogs called :p

(Looking at it my "Daydreams" soooo wonky?? haha)



  1. Lovely blog you got yourself a new follower :) xxx

  2. My little Cath Kidston notebook is filled with blogger notes :')
    I think we should have a sheffield bloggers meet-up one day! :) xx

  3. @Twiggs Thanks so much :)

    @Bethany a meet-up should definetly be on the cards :)

    N xxx

  4. This is cute :) I actually like the wonky daydreams, I think it adds to the effect - almost like you were daydreaming when you were sticking it on! Hehe

  5. @Sophie This was most probably the case! heh :) x


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