Sunday, 7 August 2011

Lets catch up...

I thought id something a little different, a little catch up over a cup of (virtual) tea! hopefully i wont bore you to death with my ramblings, but remember it's my blog, you have to listen! haha :)

♥ Health

Without blowing my own trumpet, I'm sooo proud of myself, I've cut out all sweets and naughty things out of my diet and been running 3 times this week along with doing 10-20mins of cardio/cross training everyday as well as drinking my 2ltrs of water! It really does help just having a bottle by your side, it starts to become habit.

I'm usually pretty crap with diets i give up after about 3 days, but this time I'm not dieting as such just genuinely trying to be healthy and i feel so much better for it, i even banished the lazy Sunday and went jogging with my mum for an hour, well, i jogged she "power walked" heh.

♥ Beauty

I was finally able to pick up my E.L.F package from the postie, i was like a big kid even though i knew what was in there i couldn't wait to get home and rip it open! Yesterday i wore the Natural Lashes in brown, they felt really light and looked great the only issue i had is that they were really straight to start with, which i hate with falsies they just didn't seem to bend/mould to a curve shape making it a little tricky getting them on! Once they were on the lasted the full day, however i did use Eylure glue rather than the one that was provided mainly due to the fact i couldn't even get in it haha.

♥ Lifestyle

It's my birthday Tuesday yaaaaay!!! i finally have a few days off from work and time to breath.

My lovely Mr has booked us in at Spa1877 tomorrow and arranged for me to have a Elemis Lime and Ginger Salt Glow scrub, sounds yum! the scrub entails "The combination of natural sea salt and aromatherapy oils cleanses, polishes and softens your skin. The treatment is completed with an application of the luxurious Elemis Exotic Island Flower Body Balm to leave your skin glowing with radiance. This top-to-toe treatment also includes a gentle facial exfoliation."

So, he either knows me very well and realises this would be perfect prep for the tanning that would take place Monday night (in readiness for the family meal Tuesday) or he thinks i need a wash!!! either way I'm excited to have it.

On Tuesday we have a table booked a Aagrahs, I've been once before around Christmas time with work and it was delish! so i cant wait to go with the family.

I'll make sure i post pics cus I'm pretty in love with the outfit i have planned to wear ;)

Also, the Mr has been pretty nice to me... a little too nice? hmm ha, he picked me up Petite Anglaise (in Paris. in love. in trouble) from a charity shop, he said he thinks its my type of book and i completely agree... not only do i have a love for Paris (although bizarrely i have never been!) Petite Anglaise (little English) is a 30something woman living in Paris with her workaholic husband who she refers to as Mr Frog and their toddler tadpole, to alleviate her boredom she starts a blog... And that's where I'll leave it, i don't want to ruin it for you do i?!

Speak soon xxx

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