Thursday, 4 August 2011

I LOVE George

Topshop George Leopard Print Shoe Boots

And from the heavens above they fell in to my lap...

So there not Charlotte Olympia, but i love these little bad boys. I'd seen them on the Topshop website not long after id posted about my lust for a pair of leopard print boots.

I had to see them "in real life" before purchasing and so i did, the photos really do no justice for them and alas it was love at first sight and could not wait to show them off!

i bought them last Thursday and took them on an outing the very next day (Of course after tottering around the house aimlessly just because!).

Pretty impressionable, i have the text to prove... it simply says "Cool shoes :) x" need i say more?


  1. They are gorgeous, you have to post a pic of you wearing them :) xx

  2. Will do! i kinda owe them to you haha it was you who suggested trying Topshop in the first place so thanks :D xx


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