Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Oh Leeds... i fucking miss you!

Haaaaiiii my lovelies,

I'm finally back from an AMAZING time at Leeds Festival! I'm not sure i can sum up my first fest experience in a single blog post so I'm gonna break it down a little and share some of my highlights.... probably missing out lots of good times, but seriously, we'd be here for hours!!!

bear with... :)

MUSE - a bit gutted we only caught half the set but we were dead on our feet, not very rock & roll i know but we get better!
MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE -The best by far - fucking amazing! (i need to stop this swearing so freely on my blog! but once you start...) i bought their first album way way back in the day, but stopped listening to them so much after a while, safe to say I'll be jumping right back on that boat!
THIRTY SECONDS TO MARS - Surrounded by minors with great hair equals me being peed off... but still rocking out! Will need to brush up on their music.
THE OFFSPRING - Played these in the car on the way (to brush up on my dancing moves) so i was pumped to see them!
PULP - What can i say? Iconic band, didn't know majority of the songs but that didn't change the fact they were great, plus two words.... COMMON PEOPLE (Woooofrickinhoooo!!!)
THE STROKES - i experienced a moshpit!!! Actually, no, i experienced a bit of pushing from a group of kids, shit myself none the less! haha!
MADNESS - My sister and the two fella's bustin some spesh moves! I love this, captures the moment perfectly!

THE STREETS - "Dry your eyes mate" Special time, they're splitting :(
- Beaut
LEE NELSON and RUSSELL KANE - Not together, obv! Couldn't see either but that didn't stop us giggling away to ourselves armed with our hot water that was deceivingly sold to us as a very expensive hot chocolate and our sugary doughnuts, Happy Times :)

As you can see from the pics i had a pretty jolly time! I braved the toilets, watched some amazing sets, did some funky dancing, drank beer before "breakfast" and ate a Rock & Roll diet of Party Rings, Disco's and some overpriced poop most places were claiming was food! ha
Leeds i miss you already!!!

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Getting crafty - #BloggerBook

Am i the only one who owns a blogger book (admit it, we can be overly cool together!)

Mine is full of little notes, from blogs to makeup i want to check, obviously clothing items/accessories that i cant possibly function without and a few snippets for instaparation purposes.

Today i got a bit artsy-fartsy with mine, ive had some alphabet stickers tucked away in my draw for sometime now and i figure id give this a bash...

Just in case i forget what my blogs called :p

(Looking at it my "Daydreams" soooo wonky?? haha)


NOTW: Can a leopard change its spots?

I changed this to Nail Of The Week rather than Nail Of The Day as i wont be attempting it again anytime soon (not to say never again) never has a shaky hand come in so much use!

Here's my first attempt at Leopard Print Nails! I'm quite partial to them.

What do you think?

Base: Barry M (Mint Green) Spots: 17 (Fairy Cake) Outline: Models Own Nail Art Pen


Saturday, 20 August 2011

In Love - #Truly Madly Deeply

Bit of a photo overload? I'm just super happy with my UO Tee & Topshop George boots ensemble :)

Enjoy your Saturday lovelies!

N x

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Lets catch up... #Sunday Portrait & My BirthWEEK

♥ Lifestyle
I'd like to think I'm pretty brave doing a Sunday portrait what after the Saturday shenanigans.

I don't have much to update on, Only that sadly its the end of my birthweek... yes week! birthdays are for losers :p
Here are some pics from my birthday meal Tuesday and my night out Saturday. Enjoy.

End of the night, i got what every birthday girl wants... a balloon.

My photo skills never fail to amaze me.

(Nor do my dancing skills...)
A bit of sofa dancing with my L: Sister-In-Law and R: My beaut sister

Yummy Fruit Martinis & Cosmopolitans

♥ Health
Uggghhh, I've been bad, real bad.
I'll be back on it Monday, starting with a run after work! Bring on the Fitspiration blogs.

♥ Beauty
I went to get my nails done Saturday morning, I'm pretty impressed with how long they've grown since ridding them of the acrylics! it was an awful process, id worn acrylic nails pretty much on and off (mainly on) for around 4 years so you can imagine the shock they went in to when i got them all naked.
I wanted the half moon manicure, i found a picture and took it to 'my local' although i think they just look like rather big tips??? meh, i like.

In my pictures I'm wearing my new HeadKandy extensions, i got the Deluxe full head set in the shade Espresso, they are the darkest shade of brown so i was pretty surprised at just how light they were when i opened them, but after 4 boxes of hair dye (180g really is a lot of hair to dye!) i think i finally matched them to my natural colour. Hopefully making more of an appearance in my posts.

Speak soon xxx

PS. I'm soooooo excited about Twilight on Wednesday, i have it on DVD but still it would be most rude not to. Oh Rob.♥

Friday, 12 August 2011

Teeny, Tiny, Post.

I didn't want this to go unmentioned, I mean it would be like i didn't even know myself.
I changed my blog name, i think I've stuck to ...Oh My for so long simply because i couldn't choose, well now I've chosen, and were sticking with it aren't we?
I will at some point attempt to do a header, but i mean its taken me X amount of months just to decide on the name, maybe in 2012 I'll have achieved the header? x

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Review: Fake Bake - Flawless

I think i may have found a fake tan to rival my beloved St Moritz, i didn't think anything could top it as its a cult tanner amongst beauty bloggers and from as little as £2.99 you really cant go wrong, but I'm the type of girl that's always on the lookout for something bigger and better and i just so happened to find it amongst the clearance shelves of Boots, it usually retails at £20 but i picked it up for £10.

i was a little sceptical at first as Ive used Fake Bake mouse and thought it was pretty naff! it left me with nothing but a biscuity smelling body and i like to see instant results.

The kit includes free latex gloves and a tanning mitt which makes it so much easier, its really soft too, bonus! not to mention it smells amazing! quite rare in the world of fake tan!

This is the first liquid tan ive ever used and im surprised at just how easy it was to apply and it didnt leave me with a single streak (hence the Flawless name!) just a gorgeous deep tan.
I seriously suggest trying this is your a fake tan lover as i am.

If you need me 'll be having a gander for more bottles of this on Ebay... x

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

OOTD - #iheartfrigginCOW

Jumper - Vintage & Leggings H&M
Pretty simple, but im in love with my 'new' Jumper, i picked it up at COW Vintage.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Lets catch up...

I thought id something a little different, a little catch up over a cup of (virtual) tea! hopefully i wont bore you to death with my ramblings, but remember it's my blog, you have to listen! haha :)

♥ Health

Without blowing my own trumpet, I'm sooo proud of myself, I've cut out all sweets and naughty things out of my diet and been running 3 times this week along with doing 10-20mins of cardio/cross training everyday as well as drinking my 2ltrs of water! It really does help just having a bottle by your side, it starts to become habit.

I'm usually pretty crap with diets i give up after about 3 days, but this time I'm not dieting as such just genuinely trying to be healthy and i feel so much better for it, i even banished the lazy Sunday and went jogging with my mum for an hour, well, i jogged she "power walked" heh.

♥ Beauty

I was finally able to pick up my E.L.F package from the postie, i was like a big kid even though i knew what was in there i couldn't wait to get home and rip it open! Yesterday i wore the Natural Lashes in brown, they felt really light and looked great the only issue i had is that they were really straight to start with, which i hate with falsies they just didn't seem to bend/mould to a curve shape making it a little tricky getting them on! Once they were on the lasted the full day, however i did use Eylure glue rather than the one that was provided mainly due to the fact i couldn't even get in it haha.

♥ Lifestyle

It's my birthday Tuesday yaaaaay!!! i finally have a few days off from work and time to breath.

My lovely Mr has booked us in at Spa1877 tomorrow and arranged for me to have a Elemis Lime and Ginger Salt Glow scrub, sounds yum! the scrub entails "The combination of natural sea salt and aromatherapy oils cleanses, polishes and softens your skin. The treatment is completed with an application of the luxurious Elemis Exotic Island Flower Body Balm to leave your skin glowing with radiance. This top-to-toe treatment also includes a gentle facial exfoliation."

So, he either knows me very well and realises this would be perfect prep for the tanning that would take place Monday night (in readiness for the family meal Tuesday) or he thinks i need a wash!!! either way I'm excited to have it.

On Tuesday we have a table booked a Aagrahs, I've been once before around Christmas time with work and it was delish! so i cant wait to go with the family.

I'll make sure i post pics cus I'm pretty in love with the outfit i have planned to wear ;)

Also, the Mr has been pretty nice to me... a little too nice? hmm ha, he picked me up Petite Anglaise (in Paris. in love. in trouble) from a charity shop, he said he thinks its my type of book and i completely agree... not only do i have a love for Paris (although bizarrely i have never been!) Petite Anglaise (little English) is a 30something woman living in Paris with her workaholic husband who she refers to as Mr Frog and their toddler tadpole, to alleviate her boredom she starts a blog... And that's where I'll leave it, i don't want to ruin it for you do i?!

Speak soon xxx

Thursday, 4 August 2011

I LOVE George

Topshop George Leopard Print Shoe Boots

And from the heavens above they fell in to my lap...

So there not Charlotte Olympia, but i love these little bad boys. I'd seen them on the Topshop website not long after id posted about my lust for a pair of leopard print boots.

I had to see them "in real life" before purchasing and so i did, the photos really do no justice for them and alas it was love at first sight and could not wait to show them off!

i bought them last Thursday and took them on an outing the very next day (Of course after tottering around the house aimlessly just because!).

Pretty impressionable, i have the text to prove... it simply says "Cool shoes :) x" need i say more?
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