Saturday, 10 May 2014

What's in my baby's hospital Bag

I've had both mine and baby's hospital bag packed for quite some time, not because i think he will be making an early appearance but just because its something i had been so excited to do (not sure why?!) and couldn't hold out any longer.

So, at the bottom of the bed sits both our bags just ready and waiting.......

Rather than cram loads of stuff in one post I've decided to focus this one on baby N's bag (besides its a lot cuter than mine, jumbo maternity pads anyone?! no didn't think so)

OhMy... Blog - Whats in my Baby Hospital Bag

The bag is stolen borrowed from my mum, I'm not entirely sure where its from but its got a sensible and nifty section on the back which makes it easy to slip over the handle of my hospital bag and lots of different compartments hopefully making it super easy to find things sharpish.
So, nevertheless here are its contents:
  • 45 x Nappies - we've got a ton to choose from just because i don't know which the baby will take to  best, but for the hospital i decided to go with a pack of Pampers New Baby Sensitive. 45 may be a little overboard but i just chucked the whole lot in!
  • We decided to get a little present from baby to his big sister, this is just a cute little rag doll style plush that has Best Big Sister embroidered on the front
  • A couple of plastic bags, these will come in handy for any used/mucky clothes
  • His Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature dummies and a dummy clip which i found on Etsy and thought was just adorable! I know how many dummies get lost in transit so hopefully this will put a stop to that...

  • Tommee Tippee Grooming Kit - Really handy kits that contains a digital oral thermometer, nasal aspirator, toothbrush, brush, comb, scissors, nail clippers and emery boards for those sharp baby nails.
  • 1 x pack of Waterwipes - I've read numerous reviews on these and believe them to be the best out there for newborn bums, so i stocked up and thought i may as well include a pack.. just in case.
  • Cotton wool and nappy sacks - the hospital advise you to use cotton wool for the first few days so that's what I'm going to do and the nappy sacks, self explanatory.
  • spare bib and vest - for any little accidents we may entail.
  • Metanium Barrier Ointment - this came in one of my bounty packs and i thought the sample size was handy to have in there.
  • 2 x 'Baby Packs' - These are just two zipper bags that i have made up to make it easy and quick to grab once baby has been born and ready to be dressed. Rather than rummaging around in the bag looking for bits and pieces each bag has  a full outfit in there (babygrow, vest, socks, mittens and hat) along with a muslin cloth and nappy. i hope I'm only in overnight and that this will last us but if not I'll be sending Liam off home for extra stock!
And that is that. I think I'm pretty much set but if there's anything you'd recommend i take please don't be shy and leave me a comment below.


  1. Hiya! *waves*
    I loved packing my bags too! Have you got spare clothes in a different size. My first born was 6lb 12oz and second was 8lbs 12oz- luckily id had the sense to pack some bigger clothes!!
    also, have u made a list of things to pack for your daughter? I had G's packed early on so all i had to do was ship her and her suitcase off to my mums when the time came.
    Also, lol at the 45 nappies!!
    Katy xx

    1. Hi! I was thinking another change of clothes in a bigger size wont go a miss, the two lots i have are newborn going up to 10lbs *prays he wont be bigger!!* one is slightly bigger than the other just because of the brand but i think il pack another set to be on the safe side, thanks :)
      No, I've not packed my daughters suitcase yet but i'll definitley get onto that... I remember having just the one bag packed with my daugters birth ha gone are the days xx

  2. Never know, he might be smaller! With my first i had the opposite problem. Id packed newborn and she didn't reach the arms! What i did was pack the newborn stuff and then i had one bag of 'tiny baby' and another of 0-3 in the car. :-)

  3. Oh crikey, i can see me packing his wardrobe ha ha x


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