Tuesday, 27 May 2014

36 Week update

How far along: 36 weeks + 6 days

Total weight gain: Not too sure, apparently baby will put on a 1lb a week now! eek

Maternity clothes: I've only got a few more weeks t go so the one i have will just have to be tugged and stretched to cover this bump! 

Stretch marks: Im sure i have a couple right on the part of the bump you cant actually see yourself without the aid of 2 mirrors and some neck bending but im not too bothered. unfortunately its the itchy bump that's causing me the agony! 

Sleep: I've woke up itching my bump a few times which is hellish, once i start i cant stop as it aggravates it so much more, then often end up with a sleepless night.

Best moment this week: My leaving presentation from the lovely ladies at work, lots of lovely words were spoken which brought a tear to my eye! That was good going for me i could have very well just had a full on emotional breakdown had i not tried so hard to hold it together! I got VERY spoilt, my favourite being lots of lovely presents from The Little White Company! It's a favourite of mine but not a shop i make a habit of purchasing from just because the prices can be a bit wacko. 

Movement: My ribs have been taking plenty of bashings this week, its become quite painful on occasion as it seems to be the same one over and over! (I'm hoping for a tap dancer rather than a footballer ;) )

Food cravings: I'm still stocking up on the cereal and ice-lollies...yum

Gender: Little boy.

Labour signs: Not sure if I've fooled myself into thinking i'm in a very long stage of early labour or whether i'm just really fed up now and becoming rather whiny :p

Belly button in or out: Out

Happy or Moody: I've had a bit of a rocky week this week. It was my last day at work on Friday (Until my mat leave is over anyhow) and rather than jumping for joy like most would have expected i felt so sad! I felt a mixture f sadness, loneliness and although it will sound odd i felt quite lost... like i wont have any routine or structure to my day... i know this wont last very long as soon i will have a newborn baby dictating what we get up to but i think all in all the hormones were at their peak and i had a bit of a blubber at well, just about everything!

Looking forward to: His arrival, it come around very quickly but now i think these last few weeks will drag.

Bump: Bumpy at 36 weeks

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