Friday, 10 February 2012


I'm very much in love with the Cambridge 'Batchel' (£93.00) from the Cambridge Satchel Company
With Spring/Summer (eventually) coming up i should probably be looking and brighter more bolder colours but i cant help but think how classic yet chic the black batchel with my initials embossed on the flap in silver (£5 per letter) would look dangling from my arm, eeeeeeek i get giddy just thinking about it! the only off-putting thing is, it takes an estimated 30 days for it to be delivered! i appreciate it takes time and effort to craft such a beautiful thing ;) especially as each bag is made to order but come one, when i want it need it i want it right there and then. Le sigh.

Ps. Is it just me or does the Vintage Brown look 'blacker' than the actual black batchel? hmph

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