Saturday, 7 June 2014

37 Week update

How far along: 38 weeks + 3 (late with the update - sorrrrrrry!)

Total weight gain: Not weighed myself but baby is measuring a week ahead!

Maternity clothes: Still coping with what ive got although it is tempting to pop a few things in my ASOS basket i need to stay focused... only over 2 weeks to go (hopefully)

Stretch marks: Still just an itchy bump and still moisturising... a lot.

Sleep: Whats this then? :p

Best moment this week: Walking in to this.....  

A lovely meal prepared by my adorbs boyfriend (Yep, i  said ADORBS! soppy blerugh eurgh) and my gorgeous girl! Freshly baked bread, olive oil & balsamic vinegar with quiche and salad, oh and a bottle of non-alcoholic red wine deeee-lish! 

Movement: The ribs have still been taking a battering and he's still wriggling around lots which is great as it means he's still content!

Food cravings: Nothing in particular this past week

Gender: Little boy.

Labour signs: Lots of braxtons but no sign of an early appearance

Belly button in or out: Out

Happy or Moody: Generally happy, i've been throwing myself into my nesting and have Detol'd the life out of every surface going! i'm blissfully plodding along and trying not to count down the days.

Looking forward to: Having the house spick and span ready for the little boy and a few lay ins whilst Macy has her sleep overs at nannan and granddads which saves me from the school run.

Bump: Bumpy at 37 weeks

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