Thursday, 12 June 2014

38 Week update

How far along: 39 weeks + 1 days (6 days to go!!!!)

Total weight gain: Promise I'll weigh myself before baby comes, all i know is I'm looking huge and have no great desire to depress myself!

Maternity clothes: Still being good an not buying anything. I CAN NOT wait to buy a post baby wardrobe though, I've seen sooooo many gorgeous pieces that i want!!! ZARA for one best watch out.

Stretch marks: The sneaky buggers got me but let's face it my life's not over and he is more than worth a couple stretch marks.

Sleep: I'm sleeping but waking up at precisely 2am and again at 5am... maybe this is my bodies way of preparing me for his routine??

Best moment this week: 

  • A little shopping trip, i bought myself a few treats my new favourite lipstick and espadrilles being two of them!
  • Lazy morning, Tallulah has got in to the habbit of coming up for morning cuddles which is always nice to wake up to.
  • Our attempt at 'walking him out' It did absolutely nothing other than give me heartburn, but it was nice going for a walk in the fields with the fella! (and quite comical times when i attempted a few squats i bet that poor cyclist was not expecting to see that!!!)

Movement: More squirming around than kicking, I'm surprised the 'little' guy has any room in there to even attempt a kick.

Food cravings: (same old) ice-lollies and a new one is milk, not together though obviously, I find they ease the heartburn more than anything.

Gender: Little boy.

Labour signs: Nothing, zip, zilch! No braxton hicks, no tightening.... nothingggg *distraught smiley*

Belly button in or out: Out

Happy or Moody: A happy but very slow week, i'm soon going to be brain washed if i watch anymore american trash (which i secretly love, but must put a stop to!)

Looking forward to: Babbbbbbbbby, come on now!

Bump: Bumpy at 38 weeks

If you have any ideas how i can make the next week (or god forbids he goes over) more bearable please leave me a comment. let me know what you got up to if your on or have been on maternity leave :) 

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