Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Idle hands make Nicole poor

Boredom and itchy fingers caused me to buy these...

I've been pretty fond of the iconic JC Litas for some time now, but judging from my past track record, its more than likely a phase which will in time pass. I'm a very unstable shopper I'll have you know, the reputation haunts me.

I didn't want to fork out the pennies just for them to become 'yet another pair of boots' in the back of my saddened dark closet so as always eBay comes through for me, the Lace up Cuban heeled platform boot.

They cost £27.99 (P&P £6.00) and can be bought here, so what do we think?


  1. ooo I love these. I thought they were going to be a lot more than that as well bargin :) X

  2. What a bargain! I went to buy them but they're not in my size :( Can't wait to see how you style them :) xx

  3. i've been thinking of getting some look-a-like litas off ebay too :)



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