Monday, 19 September 2011

No girlfriends they don't understand... And me, I ain't ever gonna understand

So, here's the pics of me wearing THE shirt dress, What do you think? i was right about the length, SHORT! but thankfully it had a lil tail thing (Yes i really did say tail thing!) to keep me from exposing the cheeks to the boys and girls, unlucky! ha i kid.
I felt a lil emo/goth wearing this, spesh with the vamp lips but i think its my alter ego just bursting out!
Sometimes i get really confused about my style, on one hand i think its a really good thing that I'm quite... umm... diverse about it? but on the other i wish my style was consistent, maybe then my wardrobe wouldn't be overspilling so much?!
Do you prefer having just the one style or are you a keen explorer of fashion?

Kiss kiss my loves,
I'm off to watch MiC. Yah, yah, rah, totes blates loveeeee it!!!


  1. Really like that shirt dress, suits you so much too x

  2. Arhhh you look UNREALLL.

    Fitto. I have no idea what the fudge my style is!


  3. You look amazing, love the shirt dress!
    Jenna x

  4. Amazing dress, where is it from? Looks gorge with the vamp lips! My style is so inconsistent too, I like that though, means I have an outfit for every mood :) Just found your blog, following :) x

  5. The dress is from ASOS, not sure if it's still knocking about on there. Thanks so much for the follow (: xx


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