Monday, 5 September 2011

You're a million miles, a million miles away, so come closer...

It goes a little something like this...

"What do I-e-i-e-ieiii
Have to do-oo-o-ooo-oo
To ge-e-e-t you where, I want you

I'll guess we'll see-e-e-e-ee-e
What might beeeee-e-e
(You can just hear the record deals flooding through now! Ka-ching!)

I've been doing some serious lusting lately over the delectable Miles Kane and actually believe that i was born to hang off of that mans arm. One day we'll get married and spend our days strolling through the little side streets of Liverpool, shopping in vintage dives, buying unheard of vinyl and simply just oozing coolness together!

So you can imagine my excitement when i stumble upon knowledge that he's playing, here, in Sheffield! Yes, yes, yes, yessssssssss!

Annnd cue deep despair and anguish. Sold Out. Well, screw bloody you... I'll show you, I'll.... dwell. Sigh.


  1. haha nicole.

    You were made for him me for george lamb obvz.

    Ahh fack- you gotta trawl ebay for some bargain tickets babes. I loveee- is it just him or last shadow? xxxx

  2. Obvz!! Haha.

    Oh i trawled alright, wish i hadnt mind... £75 for 2 tickets, eesh they only cost £11 in the first place, i jsut dont think i can justify it, there goes my heart felt love! haha


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