Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Treat me Tuesday - #ASOS

Hello 20% off

Hello Free Delivery

Hello Cut Out Collar Shirt Dress

Hello Cheap Monday Hawk Earrings

I cant wait to wear this collared shirt dress, I'm feeling the cut out detail paha ;)
It looks a teensy bit short but then again the model wearing it will more than likely be 15ft nothing! On my 5ft 2 (the 2 is VERY important to me!) short arse it could probably pass for a flowing ball gown! I reckon its the perfect companion for my new faux Litas and RAWR to the slightly lethal hawk earrings, i heart you. ;)

Free Next Day Delivery expires at 5pm and to get your 20% off enter Promo Code HAPPYLFW

Go on, treat yourself! It would be rude not to.



  1. Nic-oley, right back at you I NEED those earrings now!!! How manys?

    I've also found something else on LOVE that I want http://inlovewithfashion.com/products/LOVE-Black-Fringe-Cardigan-.html they have given me £10 off becuase it is my birthday on sunday haha!! They only have MED though? Too big?


  2. I’ve realised I’m totally false advertising offering 25% off when in actual fact its 20%! i blame the excitement of it all!!! Ha
    I think all together it came to like £30, what a friggin bargain! Thanks for bringing to my attention!! ;)

    Ooh I like! I have something really similar to this and a slightly longer waistcoat version. Obsessed much?
    I say get it, the £10 off is a good ibsentive too ha, I love a good shag pile cardi :p x

  3. The earrrings look SO SO SO cool!
    So pretty

    New outfitpost - aztec print

  4. Oh I want that dress! But I'm waitin for your photos and new sets :P

  5. Alright beautiful...

    Still pinning over those earrings- nearly brought them y-day but resisted.

    Yeah babe sisters hair took first time but she's light already so it was only the blonde bits we had to do...

    I'm so BORING with my hair I've never dyed it but I did ombre (try) my extenys too but I didnt leave the stuff on for long enough so they just looked a bit ginge so i think if you did your exts and left it on for longer would look fab. Then you havent damaged your own hair have you either :) DOO ITTT.



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