Friday, 16 September 2011

Oh baby its cold outside

Getting a little ahead of myself singing jingles already? Never, I've picked out my Christmas pressies already. ha.

I'm oddly excited its getting cold, i cant wait to see the back of September, not that it makes any odds to the month seen as here in Sheffield it was around 13C... this in fact is supposed to be the best day 'weather wise' for the rest of the year now. Oh goody!
You wouldn't believe it, but i love layering and chunky knits so ask me why i headed to work whilst freezing my bum cheeks off in my trusty leather jacket, the time had come. I whispered "this just wont do jacket, i love you lots and lots but we cant spend another Autumn/Winter together" I got in to work, sat down at my desk and prepared myself for a bit of sneaky FridayMorningOnlineShopping, i figured spreadsheets and emails could wait just a moment longer.
Yay. yay. yay.
i ordered this.
Miss Selfridge Crombie Coat £55.00

Well, i hope everyone has a great Friday whatever your doing, I'll be on the tiles tonight, hopefully sporting my new dress dress a'la previous post and be able to show you lots of pics :)

Peace & Love kids x


  1. Arh, this is beaut I really like it nice choice.

    Yes make sure you get some piccys of the new dress. Have a lovely wke xxx

  2. that coat is FIT love it wish I had enough money to buy a new winter coat but its (gasp!) last seasons number for me. Very nice hope its warm :)

  3. Nice jacket :) I'm waiting for your pics ;)


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