Sunday, 23 October 2011

Can't take me anywhere... Wouldn't take you anyway

Whilst on the hunt for some little vintage treasures i hit bloggers paradise, Did someone say full length mirrors?! Hurrah hurrah

...and then the boredom kicked in, sadly Mr hat did not leave with me.


  1. Love your fur stole! Really need to get one

  2. Thanks it's so snug! This ones from H&M, tempted to get the brown one too!! x

  3. Paha! Freakin love you, you nutter.

    LOVE your rocco and you deffs should of purchased mr hat did you find any trousies in the end?


  4. Oh yes the hat! a'la Cheryl COle - Fight for this love look? haha
    I picked up a lil jumper, its in an outfit post im yet to schedule in.. tuts xxx


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