Friday, 14 October 2011

An uneasy feeling churns inside of me, I'll draw it on a wall for you all to see...

And so it began, Eye sexing the the life out of Miles Kane on a Friday night, It just doesn't get much better than that...
(My previous cries over Kane can be read here)

It would be just rude to not include the drunken pouting in the toilets (CLASSSAAAAY!)

I wanted to give your ears a bit of sex but several attempts later there is still no little video from the gig making an appearance in this post, technology psht!

Also, id like to say a big haiii to my new followers, I'm only a lil blog so i appreciate it lots, Mucho love to you!!!

Nicole Kane xxx


  1. super Qute singer (L)
    and love the photos from you babe

    New outfitpost - My heart is black

  2. Hey hun, thank you for your lovely comment. Loving the drunken pouting photos in the loo's gotta be done. Looking hot ladies, loving the red lips. I love being a girl I bet blokes would never do these things lol.


  3. No problem :) Haha id love to see the results of drunken man-pouts :S x

  4. Ha I love your pout pictures, fitt.
    + obvs so is our' miles.



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