Monday, 3 October 2011

Seeing Spots

I managed to nab the last pair of these Dalmation Slipper Shoes from Topshop this afternoon. I love, love, love. I've been after a pair of 'slippers' for a few weeks now but I could never find a pair that wowed me, I did lust after the Topshop studded version for a while but after being sold out for weeks on end I gave that one up.

Anyhow, Hugo has taken a shine to them! So much so that I had to physically remove him from them in the horror that he may actually have attempted to dry hump them or something. Idk.


  1. So want the dalmat ones now!!!!!!

    Do you think they are weird fit? 5 were HUGE and now the 4 are cutting the blood circ off!!!


  2. Get them! Although I should try to discourage you im sure theres a shopping ban right? Psht! I’m scared to wear them with the rain WAH!
    They only had one pair left, so I didn’t have the option to try anything other than a 4 and they fit fine, maybe… you have one really really big foot? :S Haha xxx


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