Sunday, 2 October 2011

You don't move slow, taking steps in my direction...

Hi peeps, I know I've been a bit of a lame ass blogger but its just been one of those weeks, you know the BLAH cba types?! I tried to do an outfit post Friday/Saturday but how frickin hot was it? This is the weirdest October.
Well anyway I'm back on top form...ish (I'm trying)
So if your interested, here's what your absent blogger has been up to the past couple of days...

♥ I bought Vans

Xfactors Frankie Cocozza is following me on twitter, this is embarrassingly a highlight, i think were meant to be. Age is but a number kids and he's 18, that's legal! I'm making myself sound like Grandma, Jeez Louise im 23.

♥ The 'Litas' arrived, wore them out to my step brothers 30th soooo comfy and now a die hard fan i need the real deal, but what colour?

♥ Been obsessed with The Bachelor and gaining a bit of a soft spot for Gavin Henson and a not so soft sport for some of the dickhead girls on there

♥ I played in H&M, they need to restock more often - I'm in there pretty much every other day. The shirt kinda resembles a black and white eye aching pattern but its actually leopard? at least i think it is, also, would LOVE for it to get a little chillier just so i can wear my Aiden boots and the new cardi. Helllloooo October, Autumn yes?

Crombie coat from my previous post arrived, i wore it then... What the heck? Miss Lydia Rose Bright is only sporting it on TOWIE the day after. What a follower.

♥ Not entirely sure what spurred me on to buy the metallic A-line shift dress, its just so shiny and pretty and... Yep pretty sure I'm a distant relative of a magpie.
Head over heels in love with the black stripe supper skinny jeans , i think i need them in red too?

♥ Watched Easy A too many times, Emma Stones humour amuses me.

Hope you all had a great weekend, I'm off to route for my boy Cocozza xxx


  1. 18 is just a number. fresher hunting is a valid pass time. I love that coat! wish it was mine. In loved all the clothes you posted about. There's something about the film easy A that makes it impossible to just watch once. Emma stone is a babe. Hope you have a good day :)

  2. I like all your finds. But especially the shoes (both of them!) :)

  3. Thanks Becky i dont feel like such a massive perve now :p
    Agreed, Emma Stone is such a babe! x

  4. Thank you, shoe gallore haha they are weakness x

  5. Where did you get your litas from?? I'm pretty tall, but I think I can stand looking like a giant if it means I can rock these!!
    Great blog! You make me chuckle! Hah
    N x

  6. From Ebay, they took a little while to come but def worth the wait, i posted the link in this post and thanks so much :) x


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