Sunday, 9 October 2011

To die by your side, is such a heavenly way to die...

Here's some pictures from my weekend, well mainly Saturday seen as I've had a serious lazy day today :)

First stop, Starbucks. The boy is a serious coffee head, like literally obsessed and unable to function without it, its a little worrying haha. So, here i am sat in the corner (unfortunate!) snug as a bug in my crombie coat and faux fur stole - I was grateful for the chill in the air, I'm actually in love with the coat!
The continental markets are here in the city centre so it was nice to take a stroll around them and have a nosey at the different things they had to offer, we stopped at this cute little silver stall, all the jewellery was from Poland and i set my heart on a oddly shaped green stoned ring pictured below 'With Love from Poland'! We stopped off for lunch, then hit the streets for a little more shopping...
Oh and if your wondering about the Cousin It photo... this would be me debating whether i should get a fringe or not!!! Ha.

I picked up the Urban Decay Naked palette (yes, about 50 years after everyone else!), this seriously dangerous necklace from Topshop, an angel winged ring, and a cute peace sign vest from ARK... yes a vest in October?! i have no thought behind my actions.

"Well the pleasure, the privilege is mine"


  1. Congrats on getting the Naked palette, it's almost life changing :) haha! The necklace from topshop is really nice too, love it!

    Have a nice evening!


    You are well reem you really need to post more pics of YOU!

    I brought the effing coat didnt I!- Blame you for my skintness.


  3. Thank you, i know im a few generations behind everyone else haha i cant wait to get it out and have a proper play about with it, i feel a YouTube tutorial sesh comming on haha :) x

  4. Oooh Haaaaiiiiiii :D

    I will, i will.. just a lil post shrine of MEEE! ha

    Yaya! You can blame me for the blatez hotness you will be giving off in that sexual coat too!, oh i love it sooooo much REEEEEEEEMER-THAN-JOEYS-SHORT-SHORTS!!! xxx

  5. hi babe,
    guess what im gonna get the jc Lita's in two weeks!
    New outfit post - New dress

  6. Ooh yay! Have you decided what colour? cant wait to see the post xx

  7. Beyatchhh I've psoted an award for you on my bloggo.

    Yessiry- SHRINE ON please.

    I am so getting my boy a pair of joey-kirt-jirk shorts for the holidays! Pahhhh.


  8. Ordered a dress from asos and they sent me your veromoda shirt dress!?
    firstly: Wtf
    secondly: Is this a bond for our friendship?



  9. This confirms the love for me! xxx

  10. I love that necklace from topshop!


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