Saturday, 29 October 2011

Kisses on my pillow, I've hundreds of those though...

Hi lovelies,
Hope your all having a great start to your weekend, many of you will probably be putting the finishing touches to your Halloween costumes? i on the other hand will be a complete lame ass and staying in tonight watching my guilty pleasure *whispers* Frankie on X Factor (Eeee don't throw things <3) If you follow me you already know i will be ranting and raving about it on twitter, My friends are seriously confused with my love of scruffy oddball boys too...
Anyway back to the outfit, i have been watching numerous Moschino belts (and bags) on eBay and in the end decided to be a cheeky mare and offered a buy it now to a seller who kindly agreed, Yay, its officially the holy grail of belts within my wardrobe.

Mwah x


  1. im hating on frankie after saturday night! Sorry babes...He's a tool bag.

    I love your moshy belt- well jel.

    thoughts on mario after last night TOWIE?


  2. My daaawling, hes a total douch but meh must be that unwashed scruffy hair, he kills me! Hahaaa

    I swear my foots needs to meet Mario! xxx

  3. cute look, love the skirt.

    J x


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