Monday, 24 October 2011

She moves in her own way

And thats exactly what i did, i moved, oh... how i moved.It starts with the 'This is me being serious, take note of my serious face whilst i pose' then i find myself getting pissed that my camera is just not feeling me and so i franticly knock out some shapes.

If this was a movie, these would be my takeouts!
Enjoy! - Psst No animals were hurt!

Mwah! x


  1. Love the pattern on your skirt! :)

  2. looking exquisite dahhling.

    Maybe I need to throw some shapez my camera HATES me with a pash!

    That skirt is well fit also.


  3. aw your cat is so cute and you are gorgeous :)

  4. HA, this is a funny post. I generally throw a strop and give up when my camera hates me!
    Love your skirt. x

  5. you're so good at posing! Love your kitty cat :)
    Come follow my blog darling! xx

  6. @Twiggs @Mo i think cameras have there PMT days too! The mirrors saying YAY but the cameras saying go back to bed get some beauty sleep.. the effer :/ ha xx

  7. Amazing skirt, you look lovely :)

    Chelsea x


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