Saturday, 5 November 2011

Bang Bang Bang BANGS

All of these...

Made me do this...

At first i was like...

but now I'm totally like...

What do you think?

Time to channel my inner 1950's pinup starlet! I think I'm going to try out the 'Victory roll' very Betty Page/ Dita Von Teese, depending which century you come from of course.
I'll be sure to post pics if a venture on to the 'kinky' burlesque side of life.
Oh and if you hadn't noticed I'm crushing HARD on Zooey Deschanel, i love her quirkiness in both her acting and sense of style.

Love, love, love youuuus x

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  1. Looks lovely, I just got a fringe too! :) Kinda getting used to it! x

  2. One of my besties did too, must be the cold weather haha any attempt to keep warm i say! x

  3. Love bangs, but i cant wear them not my thing!
    but i WISH i could have it!

    New outfit post:

  4. tried to comment here from home sun, bloggerbeyatchs wouldnt allow it.

    I freaking lurveee you with a fringeymingey...I really do.
    I have been debating whether to bring mine back or not BUT I went on the olde ebayz yday and orderd myself a winge- yes a wig fringe! Pahaha...we shall wait and see what its like first though might look like a rightttt nob.


  5. Frickin spookz maytey I ordered one too haha but had it cut in the day it arrived #epicfail
    I like to think we have some sort of 6th shopping sense between the two of us, some serious bloglovin going off here ;) haha xxx

  6. It is all about the bangs. Love it! Please follow us back Thanks Doll X


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