Wednesday, 23 November 2011

I'll wait for you

I wore this outfit to my nephews birthday party on Saturday, and yes before you ask my priorities do lay around trying to upstage the 4yr old birthday boy ha ;)
Everything is from New Look minus the cuff and belt, they my friend are from good old Primark.
My lack of posts has mainly been down to my shitty luck with technology. i opened my infuriating laptop to find the dreaded screen of death - Aaargh! BUT then *superman tune please* it just so happens my brother in-law was after shifting his MacBook air! Well Hellloooooo blessing in disguise.

This is Nicole reporting from the almighty MacBook Air, soon to be protected by this sexual thing. Gaaah L.O.V.E


  1. you look lovely babe!
    love the fake fur! wow

    New outfit post; Fake fur it is!

  2. Lovely photos! Hope you have an amazing Thanksgiving dear <3


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